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Help where it is needed

I am working hard to learn to offer help where it is needed.  This involves a great deal of discipline for someone who has been raised to rescue others.  There is nothing wrong with being someone who is willing to help others.  There is something wrong when it becomes pathological and actually helps people able, however unwilling, to solve their problems.

With this resolve in my head today I still almost lost one battle when my step father decided that I might want to call the fire department about a fire.  To be fair, I did check the fire department website rather quickly.  Then, I was about to make the call when I realized that it was kilometers away and there were other responsible adults that could deal with it.  For example, my step father could.  Strangely he thought I would like to do something he himself was unwilling to waste energy on.  My zen mood prior the words "there's a fire, near your relatives" (maybe) was ruined after that little episode.

With further r…

Home gym for less than $100

To continue my physio program exercises, I could take out a gym membership, or use some new gym equipment.  Strangely, I find it much easier to do strengthening exercises and weights than go for a gentle stroll for the same amount of time.  Cardio exercises for me are a real issue.

For less than $100 with the knowledge of how to do exercises from a PT or physiotherapist (extra $$$) you can buy:

1) Exercise or yoga mat for pilates exercises and challenging stretches.
2) Some free weights to get started (1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg)
3) Some sliders which do add a gentle challenge to a work out.  I can certainly feel it after I have done my work out.  I await mine to arrive so I improvised with fake leather coffee coasters and a pillow for my knees to do my exercise this evening on some old carpet.
4) Stretch band and exercise ball might bring you over a hundred dollars.  I had them hidden away.

The good thing about all these exercise equipment pieces is that the start up cost is low and there is n…

Emergency preparedness

I've made a start on a car kit for emergencies.  This is something that I have been meaning to do for months.  There is nothing like being stuck due to a road block to make the decision to get things together.

I will need to buy some more things to add to my kit.  At the moment I have some basic supplies started and stashed in my car ready in the event things might suddenly go awry while I am travelling.  It is quite amazing what I have stashed away already.

Here are some links to get you started:

This link is particularly useful in my opinion:

So annoyed I cleaned the shower

Everyone has cleaning blind spots.  I try to go through systematically when I clean and switch off my brain like I did when I worked cleaning hospitality spaces. 

I was so annoyed yesterday that I cleaned the shower bay.  It's not that I never clean it, it's just that injuries have made that bit of the bathroom a bit more challenging.  Now that I am getting stronger it is not so bad.  I also gave my floor a bit of a scrub.  Today, as a result, I have a much nicer space. 

It pays to do a bit of grumpy cleaning every now and then.  I used the threat of a visitor to motivate me to clean things too. 

I'm a bit sore from processing insane quantities of vegetables from the garden.  If it's possible to get grumpy about spinach then I did today.  I know I will be grateful for it later on when I cook and eat with it.

It was such a beautiful afternoon, that despite news stories about snakes turning up uninvited, I felt the fear and went for a stomping walk anyway.  I really enjo…

Healed my thyroid? We will see

I'm currently awaiting blood test results to confirm the possibility that my thyroid has switched back on.  This is considered by many doctors to be an impossibility.  Research from the 1990s conclude that while rare, this is not impossible.

The things I have changed that may have healed my thyroid (my antibodies are high but lower than they were):

taken iodine and seleniumtake a multi vitamin which has iodine and selenium in it (possibly the safest way)quit the contraceptive pill after I had been taking iodine, selenium and multivitamins for a while
I'm now working on fixing my iron levels with my doctor.  Iron can affect the thyroid and metabolism and cause symptoms and possible thyroid disregulation according to this article: 

I am also awaiting the results of my iron test as those tests have been low and my symptoms of deficiency have been horrendous.  It may be that my thyroid has healed and gone hyper and my iron…

Dress like a lady, swear like a sailor, drink like a nun

I'm living off the fumes of frustration with bureaucracy and coffee.  Right now it's time for bed so I am consuming the world's biggest cup of chamomile tea to calm my nerves.
I've done what I can about frustrating bureaucracy.  Even I would have found knocking my head against a brick wall a less stressful experience.  
My usage of swear words today has hit a record even for me.  There's nothing like screaming at a computer because the government is asking stupid questions that even this experienced administrator does not know the answers to.  I used my previous sales experience (made an educated guess) and filled in a answer to a question that never needed to be asked in the first place.  For dollar values though I always give an exact number.  Someone is making money asking questions no one needs answering.  
If you do need something answered from a public service entity you can be guaranteed they will not have the answer.  If they do have the answer they will no…

Who Dares Almost Throws Up

I probably should not watch a series on special forces operators before I go to the gym.  Then I also should not bring out the competitive side of the nice guy personal trainer.  I think I may have unleashed quite the quiet and strong, determined, force. 

I certainly should not be surprised by the flogging I receive as a result of my actions.  Then when I receive a flogging, I should not be surprised that I am willing to take it having watched a special forces documentary the night before. 

In other news, I am starting my own religion.  We will be against stairs and unnecessary effort after receiving floggings.  Or, at the very least pro jelly beans because I need glucose and carbs after a self imposed "I can do it" flogging.

Stop with all the special petals. Bring back stigma.

I'm sick of everyone being a special petal.  Most women and almost every young man seems to be "suffering from depression", ever second child has a mental illness.  Our hospital system is collapsing under the pressure of people threatening to kill themselves as a way to solve their problems. Life is tough, you better get used to it.  It does not get any easier. 

Get some help if you are struggling but do things that will make your life better too.  Depressed?  Get checked out by the GP for the rare occurrence it is physiological; go for a walk daily; tidy your house/ room; fix your finances; eat well; don't drink or do drugs.  Quit worrying about how you feel and start worrying about how other people are doing.  Cheer someone else up and you will be much happier.  Find something worth living for.  The world needs you and it needs you in one piece.  We all feel like ending it at some point in our lives but the feeling passes.

If your child is mental then their upbring…

I'm not a grown up?! WTF parents?

The things that keep me up at night should be my finances.  Right now, the thing keeping me up at night is other people's finances.  I know that is sheer idiocy.  All I can do is take responsibility for my finances and show another example to people.

I now know of two families with four children living in tents.  I'm tempted to report one, maybe both, families to services for child neglect.  I know those children would probably be even worse off in care because the system is so diabolical and unable to cope with all the useless parents.  If you are single, even with a health issue, you are expected to work and engage with the mutual obligation without enough to live on.  If you are a parent you receive a salary for years, do nothing even though you can, and we wonder why there are so many feckless parents?!

In one case the children appear reasonably healthy even if their parents are screaming towards bankruptcy.  One child is suffering mentally due to neglect.  Of course the c…

Alcohol and the thyroid

I seem, in recent years, to find it difficult to consume alcohol.  Even one glass of wine seems to send my body into a spin.  According to this article, thyroid disease may make the body more sensitive to the affects of alcohol.  Alcohol abuse may cause the thyroid to work ineffectively.

I'm not preaching about drinking.  I have seen what drinking regularly can do for the physical and mental health.  There is increasing recognition that alcohol consumption may increase the risk of some cancers and type two diabetes risk.  Most diabetics are not aware that alcohol consumption should be severely curtailed.  I personally think the guidelines should be complete avoidance for diabetics.

It's been twelve months or more since I had a glass of alcohol.  This may be one of the reasons that my thyroid appears to be switching on.  I have two bottles of wine hidden away that I do not know what I will do with.  I do occasionally miss the taste.  I do not miss feeling how I have after drink…

Disappearance of thyrotropin-blocking antibodies and spontaneous recovery from hypothyroidism in autoimmune thyroiditis. - PubMed - NCBI

Disappearance of thyrotropin-blocking antibodies and spontaneous recovery from hypothyroidism in autoimmune thyroiditis. - PubMed - NCBI -- shared by Browser
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A Proverbs Woman and a bit of Freud

In my own life I am trying to learn to be wise with my energy and resources.  Jordan Peterson was discussing this topic with Dr Oz.  The lesson I am working to use is that feeling badly for someone is not a virtue. It does not mean a lack of compassion, it means doing what we can for our lives, and giving others the tools to do what they can. Of course, if you walk past me and faint, I'll stabilize you if you let me, and call an ambulance. All that action is more helpful than me saying "poor you".

I must remember to not fall into the poor me trap too and wear others out unnecessarily. Life is indeed suffering. Taking responsibility for my life, and doing what I can for those in genuine need (e.g. action not feelings) is an ideal that is difficult for me to live up to. I'm going to take it all one day, or one cup of tea, at a time. It helps if I limit my consumption of social media and news which I am doing very well overall. I now need to focus on limiting…

The weak can be heroes?

I am not in prison for my beliefs.  My husband has not died because of what he believes.  Today, I gave to an organization that supports persecuted Christians who have stories like these.  I prayed for the widow and then shared some money to help provide clean water.

I am very grateful that I have a warm bed, a laptop to write on, a cup of chamomile tea and a little room of my own. I've a hot water bottle and I can choose how to decorate my space.  I can read any religious book I want and make up my mind about things. 

It is almost getting to the point where people are persecuted for being Christian.  Perhaps we are not in physical prisons.  There are other ways to attack people.  I was shocked to read the story of Jonah this morning with tears pouring down my face, and realize how human, and desperately unhappy he was. 

Certainly those called in the stories are not the quintessential heroes that we think of in traditional fairy tales.  If these stories are indeed fairy tales, as …

Smug headlines on housing

Today I saw a couple of smug headlines suggesting that entire generations of workers will never own their home. If history shows me anything, it is that young working people, are eventutally able to buy a home. Working people need to ignore the media when the answer trotted out is that wages need to increase. Wages are not the problem. Overpriced housing, cheap credit and too many landlords are. The prices will have to fall, it is as simple as that and only a matter of time in Australia with a falling dollar which will force up the cost of credit (interest rates). Older houses should not be selling for the same as new houses and anyone paying comparable prices takes considerable risk. It does not mean that location is not important though. Traditionally young people made a start in old houses and many people have forgotten that. They have also forgotten how cold and poorly insulated some of those houses are. They have forgotten the asbestos that needs removing, the wiring an…

Odd dinners

Tonight for dinner I made crunchy potato chips with rosemary, salt and pepper seasoning.  I got a little chef like with the recipe but I'm not sure it was worth the effort done in the oven.  It made me consider buying an Air Fryer.  However, I live in fear of gadgets taking over the world and the kitchen.  While that was cooking I made a frugal onion, herb and carrot jam.

Thankfully, after a frugal dinner disaster yesterday, the chips tasted good.  Somehow though I had not made enough to fill everyone up.  I found myself eating some home made rice bread and onion jam while reading my book after dinner.  Then I ate some frozen chocolate flavoured hand made soy yogurt.

I'm drinking a lot of soy "milky" tea lately.  It's quite filling if the food gets too frugal.  Actually, my body is still not doing much fat so soy "milk" tea and hot chocolates, and soy yogurt have been helping to keep me full.   

Pottered out in the garden for a few minutes today.  Got …

A pile of books from the library

I do love a good book.  When I go to the library to find books I tend to walk out with a pile.  While my dad was ill and then dying I uncharacteristically went once.  I went the day before he died.  One of the last things I said to dad was that I had finally gone to library and that I would be okay.  I'll always miss my dad.  The reason I avoided the library is that it reminded me too much of him. 

In the months since my dad died I've found it difficult still to go to the library.  Yesterday I finally had the strength to get out a pile of books.  It's taken going to the library repeatedly to get to the point where I think of my dad fondly when I walk in the door, and it's less of a grief response.  Every time I go though it does seem to require a little bit of courage.

The reason that I tend to take out so many books is that in a reading mood I tend to flit between books.  My reading speed is also at times ridiculous.  Yesterday, after I came back from the library, I m…

Tea Cup conversations and damn good cries

I'm watching, well listening, to Storm in Tea Cup by Tom Gleeson.  I recommend reading his book too.  The way he wrangles the tea conversations remind me of some of the conversations I've had with my mother.

This morning over tea, I was discussing personalities in my family, and my mum said I was at times quite direct.  Then she said, "I used to be the same when I was young", and I replied, "used to be?".
That, among with emails I found from her during my digital de-clutter, did make me smile.

Most of my day today was full on sunshine.  Not the easiest day physically.  Had a wonderful conversation with a family member, or three. 

Then I had a little bit of a terrible conversation.  I can not control what other people think of me.  Particularly if they have made up their mind about me before I call.  I certainly can not do anything if someone is not willing to listen to my side of the story.  I am not able to anything if people decide that I am guilty before…