My burden is light

There's a thing in the Christian tradition about everything having a time.  There is a time to put childish things behind, and grow up and be the person your parents' raised you to be.

I do think that being a grown up adult and shouldering responsibilities, and burdens, is a big part of Christianity.  It doesn't mean that you don't have time to have laugh and play.

Being grown up does mean making sure those in your care are looked after.  It means sacrifice.  It means being a servant leader.  Man, there's no fun in that!  There's a lot of being humble, and strong, and thinking of others more highly than yourself.

There is so much joy in being grown up though.  There are few regrets.  There is a past you can be proud of and a future for those you will one day leave behind.  There is a legacy in growing up.

It's such a joy and such hard work to grow up.  I guess it's the work that people want to avoid.  We all do sometimes.  It's human to need a break too which the Christian tradition provides every week.  Even then it's centred on others and fellowship.

I do not think that people understand how much they miss out on staying childish, and on not carrying their load.  It's such a light load in the long run though.


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