Are you grown up?

My eight year old niece asked me whether I was a grown up this weekend and it's still leaving me amused.  I guess I do not have any of the things that little children might associate with being a grown up (house, husband, pet and children).

The irony is that I am a stickler for keeping my niece safe and she does listen to me when I say "no" to keep her alive (most of the time!).  If that's not the price of being a grown up, I'm not sure what is.

I do have a car licence, I've worked in all kinds of businesses, there's savings in my account.

I guess children have been told that a husband and kids maketh the adult.  They also have the innocence of thinking that these things turn up easily.  I've had opportunities certainly.  I'm even had extra curricular non-wife opportunities that were decidedly adult.  Some I've taken up.  Others were rejected.

Of course, a cursory look at parents suggests that having children does not make people act like adults/ grown ups.  I wish having children made people responsible but it does not.  It is a heck of a responsibility and lots of work if done well.

Taking responsibility and doing my bit for others are the things I work on.


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