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Oral contraceptive pill and thyroid dysfunction?

It's a beautiful winter's morning in Hobart.  Even the birds made the effort to get up and tweet at me.  Sounds like they have all gone back to bed in disgust at the cool weather.  Except for one or two enthusiastic stranglers.  There's always one in any group!

I've just finished my first cup of coffee for the day.  I was about to go out and get this morning's  paper.  Unfortunately, some of press can not be trusted to report things well.  I waited to see if the "news" changed from last night, to this morning.  Just as I was going out, it did.

I nearly bought the paper on the pretense of sensationalism.  It looks like someone running the newspaper got a metaphoric rap on the knuckles for saying something was definite, when it was not.  So that's $2 not wasted and my sanity restored.

Here's what I am wondering this morning, could there be a link between use of the contraceptive pill and thyroid dysfunction?  There is this study

Cheap dairy free "milk" - great for tea, about 50 cents

I made this today because I ran out of soy milk and I had other things available.

Dairy free milk:

can of coconut cream (400ml)
same amount of water
a pinch (a gram or two) or citric acid


place in clean container

add to tea/ coffee/ cocoa etc.  Stir and enjoy!

Store in fridge

Rooibos tea (& low cost bottle filter for tap water)

I have discovered that my coffee machine makes great herbal tea when it's decanted into a capsule and the machine is preheated.  It makes a lovely rooibos tea.

I'm also experimenting with a half tea spoon of food grade activated charcoal powder in a en empty tea bag as a basic water cleaner upper.  I'm using tap water, so it's clean but it tastes better filtered.

We have a filter but sometimes I do not want to run up the stairs.  I especially do not want to run up stairs late at night or early in the morning!

My basic filter does seem to be making the laundry water palatable.  Success!  I bought it for something else in mind entirely.  Still, waste not, want not and all that.

A preemptive coffee fueled strike

This evening, in an attempt to preserve my voice and temper, I made a pre-emptive strike.  It involved the provision of coffee for an exclusion zone on the wood heater.  As a result I have most of the house heated.

I made sure the kettle was whistling when the source of my potential discontent walked in the door.  It pays to have all my metaphoric ducks in a row.

“Begin by seizing something which your opponent holds dear; then he will be amenable to your will.”
Sun Tzu, The Art of War

A hot tea pot

I did get the kettle boiling this evening, but not before blowing up like a steaming kettle myself on a rolling boil.  It's been one of those days when just when things feel like they might be going well, they all go to hell in a hand basket.

I did meet a lovely lady who is familiar with the Kingston and Channel area.  Her family history goes back to the 1890s in Tasmania.  A truly remarkable woman who has gone through some tough times and managed to thrive anyway.

After that fascinating experience, just as I was making the dinner, things metaphorically hit the fan.

I've got a bottle of red wine nearby but will resist the urge to drink it.  Tempting, but like so many treats, best shared with someone else.

My new to me car is now running better having had a service done in town this week.  Even my Mum remarked that the local stores have nothing worth buying due to flood damage and closing stores.  Usually for Mum she made a special trip to Hobart CBD to buy some basic supplies.

Thesis on reusable products versus disposable tampons/ pads.

I stumbled across this thesis by Ann Borowski from the Rochester Institute of Technology all about the market for reusable menstrual products.  One thing her research does show is that sea sponge tampons may increase risk of TSS by up to 1%.  Menstrual cups come out with flying colours in terms of safety assuming you are careful with hygiene.

The thesis is worth a read:

You learn something new every day: - history of tampons

Fascinating article about the history of tampons.  Love them or loathe them (and looking for alternatives) we are blessed they they do not cost most of a monthly wage in Australia. In Zimbabwe they do! 

In other countries it's considered culturally inappropriate to be so comfortable with the human body.  Like I say, lucky.  Though some quarters of society are a little too keen on the alternatives.  Choice is a hard won thing that democracies traditionally protect.

I'm trying a few alternative options to find something I like.  According to the article I would have once been considered a a non mainstream woman.  To think women went to their doctor to buy tampons not that long ago!

Anyway, the article is here by

Weary women of Hobart

I'm writing this in the Hobart city State Library.  It's been years since I came here. Thankfully the place looks reassuringly similar to my last visit.
During my quick walk to my appointment, I was shocked at the pale, harassed look on most women's faces.  Apparently being in the city too much isn't good for the body, mind or soul.  Then again, all that beige those women were wearing gave me a dose of depression.  
Rest assured, my red shoes will get me through the afternoon.  I suspect they are the raciest shoes walking the pavement.  I'm even daring to rock a purple top!
Talking of clothes, I have now lost enough weight that I now have to wear a belt with my skinny jeans.  I'm not exactly trying to lose weight either.  I think it has more to do with being off the contraceptive pill and staying on thyroid medication.
My thyroid has really gone on the blink this winter.  I really am not confidently managing it.  I will have to make an appointment with my woo hoo d…

A creative day.

I've had a creative type of day today and probably done a bit too much online work.  The irony is that I say that on my blog!

I am working on a online project using, and learning how to optimize, illustration tools.  Quite a bit of the project involves expanding the grey matter and adding to my skills base.  Most of the project involves fairly repetitive and focused work.

It is amazing what I learn when I focus my mind onto a finish product.  I had given my self until today to finish it but it's going to take much longer than that.  I am at least half way through.  It's good to learn new skills.

Two gunmen - Hobart Tasmania CBD - likely targeted attack - no injuries reported

Hobart's (and the rest of Tasmania) newspaper The Mercury is reporting two gunmen at large from an incident in Hobart's CBD at Pablo's Cocktails and Dreams Bar.  No one has been reported as physically injured and a gun and ammunition have been reported found by Tasmania Police.

At this stage Tasmania Police are reporting the incident as a likely targeted attack on Pablo's.

For more information watch the Tasmanian Police press conference, and read their updates, on their face book page:

Unfortunately, incidents like these can occur any where even in beautiful Tasmania.  If you have information to assist police contact them by phone on 131 444.

Weed killing

I am currently fixing any toxins in my body by sweltering in front of a modern wood heater slash oven.  It's almost working too well.  The door is open and I am threatening to go into my room/ cool room.

The whistling kettle I bought quietly whistles, and insists that it be dealt with soonish, when the water is boiling.  I'm tempted to drink a glass of wine while sitting in front of the "sauna" but I feel as though I might want some pain killers later.  I just need a cat purring in synchronization with the kettle and the scene would almost be perfection.

I am in one of my assertive moods as the neighbourhood is threatening to descend into chaos given the choice of most of the populace.  Why people think that you can do nothing and things will go on to improve is beyond me. 

Improvement without effort shows a lack of observation of the human condition and nature in my opinion.  If you want a place to improve it requires effort or the physical and metaphorical weeds wi…

Buying a house: Why RBA won’t come to the rescue

Coffee and sleep

Let me see, started the morning with two cups of coffee and a banana and am badly in need of sleep but almost too tired to get into my pajamas due to child minding activities.  Parents with energetic young children deserve a medal if they keep them alive and healthy.  If parents stay sane I guess that's extra points. I could go to bed fully clothed, complete with slippers, and it would not be the first time.

I had an absolutely freezing day in the picturesque Huon Valley and met some interesting people and wandered around some of the shops.  I have collected a mild injury so I am slow and steady with the walking but also determined to not seize up or get depressed as it just a matter of rest and gentle activity I hope. . Looked at some houses in the Huon Valley that are for sale.  Well, I say house, barn with potential to demolish is more like it.  I certainly do not have ridiculous expectations which is more than I can say for some vendors that are benefiting from the end of the …

Ways I save for my city cottage

Ways I saved for my city cottage today:
I rested while I try and get over the flu (so no spending because I was too tired to go shopping :D )I did not buy anything onlineI did do a bit of window shopping for city cottages to see how things are going (not so good for sellers)I read, and read, and readDrinking herbal tea (chamomile tea just got expensive, annoying)Cheap home made, good quality tea.  No coffee today yet, that's how bad the flu is.I ate healthy home made food.  I really would prefer a suburban abode.  Away from neighbours but close to a pharmacy and corner store which is probably asking a bit much!  Compromise will be the order of the day.  Now, vendors, your turn to compromise on those prices.

Saving daily dollars

I think I had better write or I might never put metaphoric pen to paper ever again.  So I shall ignore my mental wallowing and see how I did today with saving up for a city cottage.

Tiny steps towards a big goal today:

stayed in (petrol saved $10-20)moved wood for a wood fire (free gym session, $10 saved)ate leftovers (no restaurant spending $20 saved easily)snacking on fruit (kilos saved by not eating junk today at least, still dreamed about potato chips last night though)checked account and placed money in savings.  Transaction account kept low to discourage and good home made coffee.cuddling a hot water bottle and many blankets on bed.  There, a few dollars into my account and I am being disciplined rather than giving into wallowing too much.

Half of original

I had a last minute visit to Hobart CBD today and was surprised to see a sea of discounts.  Almost all the stores in the main strip were discounting to fifty per cent.  I could be wrong but I feel a change in the air.  I think retailers are beginning to realize that spending dollars are going to require good service and great prices to get the attention of shoppers.

The cafe, sadly located near the toilets (not the best location, but great coffee) I went to said they had a quiet day and really quiet week.  That was certainly my gut instinct when I visited on the preceding Tuesday.  I've never seen so many for lease signs on commercial property.  Though to be fair some of the places for lease are now competing with new modern stores built in the CBD recently as part of the refurbishment post CBD department fire.  Some of the places for lease I do not remember being empty.  Certainly not since I visited the CBD in the last fifteen years with the regularity of an office worker and st…

Constant vigilence

I do not understand the women I see, of all ages, completely oblivious to all that is around them.  It is something I also notice in younger men also of late.

I had a near serious car accident due to another driver's inattention on the road yesterday.  It took great courage to get back in my car today and I am sleep deprived as the adrenaline from a car coming towards me in my lane, at speed, keep my heart thumping until five in the morning.

I have lost count of the women who do not look where they are going in heavy traffic and are mercifully spared injury or death by their negligent behaviour.  I am horrified at how many people pay attention to their phone but not the cars whizzing by.

Basic awareness of traffic was something I was taught in kindergarten at a state publicly funded school.  Basic awareness was something I learnt from going to children's basic self defence courses.  It was something that adults around me taught me and cost mainly time and effort.

Please, if y…

"Can't" write and hormones loopy

First of all, I can write or you would be reading something else.  I am struggling to write with the twin joys of grief hitting me from left field with the force of brick wall, and the irritation that is a mild dose of the flu.

I've got a few things going on that are causing an interesting level of stress though my ability to sleep at the moment is surprisingly good.  Every night lately I find something that makes me laugh before I sleep so that may be making more of a difference than I gave it credit for.  My hormones are still not right but I am working to try and balance them well.  The flu and grief do not help I guess. 

I'll be back soon and write something more but let me leave you with this article on the thyroid.  It encourages women with symptoms including heavy periods to seek help and treatment: