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Tea, offset accounts and autumn bulb planting

Forty two minutes until tea time.  My mum has now trained me so I have an internal clock that gets to 3pm and wants tea even though coffee is normally the thing that gets me out of bed.  If I get to 6 in the evening without a cup of tea I feel like my day is missing something critical.

I've figured out the coffee making.  Toss grounds into baby thermos I have, add water, place lid on top.  Wait a few minutes, pour out coffee with grounds on the bottom.  I will toss the remaining grounds into the compost.  Nice and easy.

I finally planted my bulbs into the garden and await their arrival.  My mum told me to place them "in the right way" but I remember the garden lectures so I knew to put the roots facing down into the soil. 

Finally figured out mortgage account offset accounts.  As I suspected their usefulness is grossly over sold.  If you do not need the money in the offset for an emergency fund then you pay off more by paying off your mortgage with the money in the offse…

Use up pods minus machine

I trialled placing holes in my pod (top and bottom) for coffee to pour through.  Without pressure though this did not work (if you want to try I used a sanitised - heat via match - screw).

In the end, my pod has become pour over coffee.  I placed the pod in a tea strainer over my cup, tore a hole in the top, then poured in the coffee which flowed through the strainer.  The coffee is strained by the tea strainer.  It's not espresso but it makes a quite drinkable long black and I can use up my pods.

The story of a $29 kettle

After eating brunch and moping about my coffee machine not working I decided to take action.  As the machine was not working other than lighting up I figured I had nothing to lose except time.  And sanity.

With the help of youtube I found a very nice French chap whose directions I followed by watching and pausing.  After a bit of work using my precision tools I bought to try and fix my phone I patted myself on the back for disassembling my machine.

Once disassembled I realized that I should have listened to my original diagnosis for the machine.  Given the smell and the heat it was clear that the only solution was to find a safe way to trash it.  The motor and pump were clearly fried and other wires were likely to be as well.

I was able to place in the recycling half the machine.  The other half were tossed to the tip after I had cooled it down with time and water.  I did consider placing it in a bin but it did not seem a smart option.  While I was at it, I tossed my old computer into th…

Nice and hot, everything this gal needs

I've discovered that unless it is the height of summer I like my coffee like men, nice and hot.  The good thing about cold brew is that I woke to coffee. 

The other good thing about my cold brew experiment is that my coffee machine chose today to quit working.  It has been threatening to do so for a couple of weeks.  No sooner had I filled my cupboard with four months worth of pods than my coffee machine sounded like it had the flu.

So far I have tried "burping the machine" which should dislodge any air bubble.  I was pretty sure that would not work, and it did not.  I cleaned it and primed it but it's yet to cooperate and the pump sounds like it's gone.

Cold brew coffee grew on me once it was heated in the microwave.  It is much better than instant coffee and the grounds settle to the bottom so it's easy to tip in another cup with minimal grounds in the cup.  It's a cheap and easy way to start the day.  I just like to start it without having to use the m…

Early to bed, wake to coffee

I've put myself to bed early.  I'm drinking chamomile tea and watching house renovation programs online.  I might just learn something I can use.  I love watching creative transformations anyway.
Tried instant espresso as a sometimes cheap alternative to pods and made a mistake as I found the flavour weak.  I won't waste it.  
For tomorrow and zero capital outlay I am trialling cold brew.  Will let you know how I go.  I just added water and coffee for two cups of coffee to a small container, and stir.  Have coffee filter for sifting out grounds in the morning.  At least it's a low cost experiment!

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Dog and good book and other kinds of therapy

I was so grateful this afternoon to go to the library and find the kind of books I love to wile away in.  There was a peaceful atmosphere today which I enjoyed so much.  I even had a funny conversation with a stranger grateful to find what she was looking for too.

I met some family and cuddled another dog.  Then drank coffee and bonded over love of hot water bottles and child aged fear of dogs. You would not know now but the biggest dog lovers in my family were all scared of them as children!

Then if that all sounds too idyllic I had to deal with some past pain with a therapist and that was about as thrilling as visiting the dentist (a necessary thing but something I am loathe to do).  Though I have been grinning about a funny conversation had this morning all day.  The victories along the way are so worth it.  If you need help it pays to keep at it, there's a good view at the end of it.

Then I went on a bit of a spend.  I am still saving but struggling to stay focussed at the pre…

More tea in the sun & less sweat?

I look at the analytics on my blog fairly regularly and do not gather any personal information.  However, I just discovered someone put one of my posts on pintrest!  I was not expecting that!  I'm somewhere between flattered and shy.  But mainly flattered.

Today I paid for my gardening foray but that's to be expected.  So I have rested and regrouped.  Made a healthy dinner (pesto, coconut yogurt, pickles and veg with rice) and another small but easy coconut yogurt batch.

Now I'm drinking tea and relaxing by reading half the internet.  Tomorrow I get some more books from the library and have a cuppa with some extended family hopefully.  My body definitely needs some rest though. 

I did push it a little too far but I get depressed when I am careful with my activity levels too much and it really does not make much difference.  I still end up in a heap on occasion even when I am careful.  If I have to be somewhere, or have something coming up that's important, then I do r…

More gardening therapy and home made vanilla fridge free coffee

I spent the first few minutes of today waking up and having a quiet moment with a little reading and a cup of coffee. 

Then I went out into the garden to tidy up some leaves and before I knew it I was pulling up weeds and producing quite the sweaty t-shirt!  I did feel a bit more centred after that and it helped calm me.

Then I went out and about for a couple of hours and had a bit of chat with some people and hugged a dog.  I should sleep well with people and garden therapy all in one day.

I've accidentally discovered that a tea spoon or so of liquid coconut cream makes a non fridge creamer for my coffee and it's dairy free!  Add in some vanilla essence and you have a nicer non dairy version of the sachets you can buy from the shops of ready made vanilla coffee with in built creamer. Cheaper still with instant coffee.  Usually I find it a bit rich and do add some soy milk which is also delicious.

A bit of ribbon + imagination + elastic = sexy top

Well, a bit of ribbon does not a new bra make.  I have not got into making my own bras...just yet.  Given how long it took for me to figure out how to fix a bra that fit but was a little over flowing, even for a sexy bra, on the top I can not see it happening soon.  There's a limit to how jiggly this woman wants to be.

I bought an online bra in the correct size but a brand I am not familiar with.  The fit was slightly off and it just was not quite as sexy as it had the potential to be.  I could have returned the bra but it seemed easier to fix if I could.

My first thought was ingenious and that was to buy stretchy lace that complemented the bra and sewing in a little insert.

After a little thought and delaying buying anything I realized that I had some ribbon and elastic from a cosmetic purchase (the packaging) I could change to fit my bra with a little patience.  Which is how I found I had a well fitting, sexy bra after about an hour or so with a needle, fabric scraps and some th…

I give up worrying too much about make up

I was going to make my own BB cream with some aloe vera and minerals until I read somewhere that it caused cancer in rats.  Have I checked the source? No.  But that put my concern into perspective.  While I will probably still buy some more Inika make up I'm worrying about it less.

Also, in my travels I accidently bought some petroleum derived wax lipstick from another brand (it said microcrystalline wax) and I'm not sure I will throw that out either.  Though given the choice I would buy the Inika brand mascara and other products.

Truly, what's a woman to do?

BB cream not so bad? Tetrasodium EDTA not so bad?

I did toss my BB cream in the bin last night and was happy to pay for mineral makeup but the coverage is not great for the mineral face make up around the eyes.

I am firmly of the belief that talc and petrochemicals in makeup are best avoided and happy with the Inika brand for eye make up (beautiful).

The mascara with petroleum based products has gone, the eye shadow with talc has gone, the lip gloss with petroleum based product has gone.

The only thing I was worried about in the BB cream was the tetrasodium EDTA and after more reading today, it's not one of those clear things.  So for now, it stays but I only use a little under my eyes and covering bad blemishes:

Inika brand meet my standards

I went a bit mad last night trying to take a frugal approach to no talc, no petrochemical based make up.  Then I discovered that I would need too many other things to complicate life.

So, I'm going to make your life, and mine, easier.  Inika is the "Rolls Royce" of make up according the man at the health food shop.  The lady there was so lovely I spent more money that I intended. The brand advertises itself as petrochemical free and talc free which is what I want.

There products across the board seem to be good.  I handed over some dollars for mascara, eye shadow mica powder and mineral powder and will buy more in future.  Admittedly my BB had better coverage but this does look more natural.

I will find a use for the activated charcoal.  Possibly as a topical tooth whitener. I did not buy much.

Buy nice make up options instead of DIY?

So I've thrown out my make up and I still want mascara.  I may yet make it from ingredients I have on hand although getting containers is a right pain.

If I want an easy option for mascara there is:

Ere Perez Natural Almond Mascara for around $32 which is not cheap but genuinely seems to have good stuff in it.

For foundation/ BB cream alternative:

Natio Mineral Crystal Loose Foundation looks like the best stuff for around $18

Or try Inika brand cosmetics.  Talc and petrochemical free.

Can't cry, just kissed my water proof mascara away

I love, LOVE, Love, LOVE Waterproof Mascara.  Or at least I did.  I still remember the first time I used this seemingly magic formulation.  You could cry and stay looking pretty.  Good stuff, right?  Wrong.  At least mine isn't good.  It's now good and thrown out. As I discovered it had Petroleum Distillates among other things in it.

I stuck to my guns today and threw out my lip lacquer as well which was full of petroleum derived stuff.  What I should have done is just tossed them out and moved on with my life.  But no, after three plus hours I ended up having to toss one out because I could not get it clean and keeping one because I like the packaging.  Just toss them out people!

I've still got my BB cream for the moment and am trying to figure out what to do with my eye shadow I hardly use because it has talc in and that's not considered the best stuff depending on what one reads.  Oh dear!

Edit: I decided to buy some Inika brand cosmetics which are talc and petroc…

Why I shall be keeping these low cost, good quality, nail polishes

While I was having a pink fit about cosmetics I thought I ought to double check my nail polishes.  I dreaded it because I know from experience it is difficult to get anything "natural" and "non toxic" that works well and will not put the nails at risk of fungal infections.

Thankfully the MUD (Make Up Design) brand available at Woolworths and currently on special (not being paid by either company just letting you know) meets my criteria for reasonably safe and it's hard wearing.  It seems to be an Australian company which is a bonus.  Clearly you need to be careful and use it in a ventilated space e.g. outside.  I would not put any of this stuff on my lips either.

It is hard wearing but most of it is low toxicity as a nail polish and unlike the water based products is not likely to chip into food.  I actually took the time to look up the au natural colour MUD nail polish and from internet searching and using the information on I discovered tha…

Television is evil lectures and why I am crafty

The Head Gardener picked up some liquid coconut oil for me from the supermarket so I made a small contribution towards her craft fund for postage and handling.  My parents always liked to do a bit of DIY (chronically financially constrained) and both were curious about how to make things as I grew up.
I was just saying to my step dad that my Mum used to give me a lecture when I was about eight on the evils of television when I watched two programs.  I'd be watching Rocky and Bullwinkle (the late 1980s version) or Dr Who and both would trigger an instant lecture while that nights dinner was prepared in the kitchen nearby.  My Mum never turned the television off so in retrospect it is a funny response. 
I'd either try and block the daily television-is-evil-especially-that-muck lecture out while making agreeable noises and wait for it to fade, or give up and go do something else.  I'm almost certain I could recreate the lecture today but the really funny thing is that my Mu…

DIY cosmetic recipes from other writers

Edit: in the end I decided it was easier and safer to buy Inika brand cosmetics which are advertised as petrochemical and talc free.  Owned by an Australian company and made in the US as far as I can tell.

Just be careful with DIY recipes.  In my travels this evening I found a recipe for lipstick that included crayons!  Please, no stationary in your food or make up people!  If in doubt buy from a reputable cosmetic company rather than use crayons or anything likely to be toxic.

On that note of warning, these are some recipes I would consider, with the odd disclaimer:

1)  This tinted lip gloss recipe by Keep Calm and DIY is really clever but I am not keen on caster oil personally. 

I'm reading some conflicting information on castor oil but it may work well as a preserving agent in cosmetics and is likely fine when used in tiny doses in cosmetics.  The caster oil does make it likely to give an excellent cosmetic product.  Looks stunning and easy to make.  

2)  These recipes are q…

Your mad heroine finds out what is in her lip gloss and has a fit

Could also have the title: daughter turns into her mother and resolves to find her inner hippie with common sense city edge

Turns out my lovely tinted lip gloss is full of garbage.  That's what happens when you buy stuff when you are tired and emotional.  It looks so pretty and it's full of polymers and other unnecessary stuff.

And so, and I may deeply regret this, I have resolved to make my own tinted lip gloss, mascara and tinted moisturiser.  But I'm not an idiot, I may discover that the make up professionals know more than me, and give up and keep some of my stuff, but buy better lip stuff (blech!).  I'm going to try anyway.

Towards that goal, I have ordered, for a few dollars:

some activated charcoal for the colour of my soon to be non-junk mascara - which I expect will smudge like nobody's businesssome cosmetic grade pink mica for my lip gloss - because powdered beetroot is expensive and probably impractical for this, and a bit of mica is fine in my opinion s…

Pumpkin soup, toast and tea

I had a bit of mope this morning.  The requisite cup of coffee took a while to hit my brain too.  In fact coffee just was not doing it for me today so I went outside.

In between attacking weeds I found a root a couple of feet long and an inch wide so I removed part of a wall.  It must have sounded like I was giving birth.  Thankfully the pain was not as bad as cramps!  It was absolutely freezing outside but with boots and thermals I was fine after a few minutes.

Once I'd attacked the plant pulling up the wall and removed part of the wall because it was stressed and crumbling anyway, I tried to put it back.  For a few minutes I was almost convinced it would not go back together again.  With quite a bit of persistence and lots of work with a rubber mallet I got there in the end.

After winning against the weeds and getting the wall back together I was, and still am a few hours later, absolutely hungry.  I'm eating fruit, coconut yogurt and oats in between typing here.  Though on…

Impulse bulb purchase

I was doing really well, maintaining my reasonable discipline and being grateful for everything I had.  Then, I hit a bit of a bump and impulsively spent a few dollars on bulbs.  Which is rather funny because it's not something that I am generally inclined to do.  The bulbs will get used and add colour to the garden.

I have not ruined my budget by any stretch of the imagination.  I quite unrealistically thought that I could maintain strict discipline more than I have.  I bought a lovely present for someone and it's worth every cent.  It's a useful and beautiful present from an Australian company that does good work so I am happy with that.

I also got a little confectionary and fell in a bit of sad spot despite my best efforts.  This grief thing is never easy.  I have good days and bad days.  More good days than bad.  I seem to have had a tea and tears day today.  Though I did manage to be domestic and make myself useful after I had a bit of a cry.

My head has been feeling …

Cryptocurrency immunity

Bitcoin/ cryptocurrency immunity, who knew it was a thing.  My actual immune system is a perhaps not as strong as I'd like but I can assure you all I am most certainly immune from wanting any Bitcoin/ Crypto currency:

The reason is this, if "everyone's doing it" I'm going to ask some serious questions.  Nothing like telling me to do something based on that for me to stop and assess.

Less than 50 cents for a work out

I had a bad night's sleep last night.  My legs were aching from the flu and possibly from a post viral, CFS response.  Often the flu will trigger months of pain even though my body has fought the flu of itself.

I'm doing my day back the front today.  It's a reasonable hour to be asleep and instead I drank a cup of black coffee to help my body get all the gunk left on my chest.  Yes, I will go to the doctor if I have to but it's not bad enough yet.  It's just bad enough to annoy me but not enough to seek medical treatment.

I drank two cups of tea today laced with honey which helped and got my exercise from scrubbing clean stairs; washing dishes; dusting and other domestic tasks.  I even got out the broom and did a good old fashioned sweep and threw out the dirt with the dust pan.

I was reading somewhere in the last couple of days about some facilities helping women with mental illness such as depression.  They were focussing on lifestyle changes to help these women…

Less than 50 cents to fix home made gluten and dairy free concoction

Just had a meal that "defied description" initially.  It was some kind of veg and fish curry.  It was on the cusp of taking frugality too far. 

I am very grateful for food.  However, this needed a quick fix.  A couple of table spoons of my home made coconut yogurt and seasoning and it tasted really good!

Good home made coconut yogurt will fix almost any dairy and gluten free dish.  It's so worth a few minutes a week.  This last batch is particularly good but I can't remember exactly what I did with it.  Oh well.

Refurbished chair under $20

I actually did some non-bill, non-coffee (essential for good familial relationships) spending today.  It required some real effort to decide if it was worth doing.

My office chair is getting a little worn.  I've had it for well over eight years and it cost me nothing as someone was giving it away.  Which is a long way of saying that it was slightly worn to start off with.

In those eight years, the only thing that has been a slight annoyance with the chair is that the back seemed to lack support.  After eight years of lacking the back support I wanted it had gone from a bit of a niggle to a total pain in my neck.  A literal pain in the neck.  It's been driving me a little mad lately.

The other office chairs in the house were leaking foam so I spent a few minutes researching alternatives. I was not surprised to discover that replacing my office chair with a brand new equivalent was going to be $200 and a steal at that.  $400 would be an entirely reasonable amount to spend on a q…

Efficient mobile music

Last night, I down loaded the Jango music app onto my android phone and so far it seems less invasive than Spotify, has the music I like and uses less of my battery.  I had previously been using the Jango music streaming on my net book while I typed and dreamed away.

Reusable tampons? (And all about TSS)

Let me tell you what puts me off the idea of the sea sponge tampon idea, I've read of it wringing itself out on occasion because of laughter.  I'm not convinced it's a great idea to stay in for extra-curricular activities either.

Now cotton cloth reusable tampons intrigue me although you would have to make sure they were clean and the absorbency was appropriate.

Again, I am not recommending these but I am going to share some links.

Talk to your doctor for medical advice.

Reusable Pads:


As for Toxic Shock Syndrome, it's more about making sure you use the appropriate product for flow, change pads/ tampons regularly, clean your hands and do not handle anything to…

Thrifty Transformation Complete

I am at heart a generous kind of person.  There are certain causes I donate money towards to follow the example set by my parents. 

I must admit in recent times the charities I have chosen to support have changed as those charities moved from practical support for poor people to pointless political drivel (in my opinion). Or I refused to spend money on charities where the board were found to corrupt. 

In all honesty after talking to someone who worked for a "christian" charity in Africa, it's unlikely I will support any organization there.  When corruption is endemic I'm afraid my purse strings shut. I do support intelligent practical support by government if they can provide help that will not be corrupted.

What was my point?  Oh yes, I'm generous at heart.  I support charity although who to support is difficult at the best of times.

The only way to be generous is to watch the dollars. It's also the only way I am going to pay off my University debt.  Watch…

Think like a millionaire, and you'll get rich? Ignore self-help gurus

Weekend Saving Inspiration

How some New York City single women save money here

17 ways to save money on coffee here  I completely understand buying coffee when working to maintain sanity. If you can remain sane and ditch the coffee out then that can add up savings fast.
Every time I look the cafĂ© coffee prices seem to have gone up.  Top tip from me: see if your local petrol station sells takeaway coffee at a tiny cost.

Ditch coffee expenditure to help ditch mortgage? Coffee could add 154 minutes a day to mortgage

Eleven easy ways to save money without feeling the pinch by Reader's Digest  It does not include limiting or quit buying magazines which can save a fortune. I tend to buy them second hand from the op shop or borrow from the library.  When I was travelling regularly I did spend more on these and it can quickly become a habit.  I gave it up when I realized I was not getting enough enjoyment from it for the money I was spending.  It's a really nice treat though sometimes (particularly at 50 cents f…

I came, I gardened, I sore!

I just drank hot drink of water and sliced lemon.  I would normally keep the slices and reinfuse in another cup of boiling water but it tasted so good I ate it, pith and all.  My flu seems to have gone though I am still tired from it.  The lemon should be an extra form of defence.

I've not been so active today but did managed to get some house work done.  I was much too sore to be out and about in the garden today.  I made myself up another batch of coconut yogurt for eating purposes in the next few days.

I'm typing this on my refurbished netbook which is still going strong.  It looks much more expensive than it actually is.  I'm still using my Keep Cup and reusing it for endless drinks.  I've made good use of my coffee machine with it filling my room with the scent of coffee.

For cheap entertainment, and because I sometimes like ambient noise, I've got Jango playing relaxing music online.  That and Spotify seem to be my music players of choice.  I quite like liste…

Today's question: drink early, or tea and garden? Poor weeds.

I was in a bit of a mood today.  It's all been a bit much the last couple of days.  Some of that's just my hormones not being at the fun end of the month.  Some of it's grief and misery. Some of it's feeling like my car accident injuries will never heal.

So I woke up feeling overwhelmed and needing something to attack.  I did not want to attack those around me.  If I am honest, though feeling on edge, I guess I wanted to attack myself on some level hence the fleeting thought to drink soon after getting out of bed.  Or eat until I was sick. None of which is terribly helpful.

Instead of self destructing like something out of Inspector Gadget I attacked the garden.  I was planning on being out there for about an hour I guess. I was outside for over three hours with a tiny break to drink some water and then more sweating. 

I found it quite therapeutic attacking weeds, or "you little b*stard/s" as I like to call them in my more irritated moods. The poor things d…

Homebuyers' borrowing capacity could be cut by up to 40 per cent under tougher rules - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Homebuyers' borrowing capacity could be cut by up to 40 per cent under tougher rules - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) -- shared by Browser
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More NY City buyers walk (and sip coffee, I assume :D )

I stumbled across this while I was looking to understand some of the share market moves in the last few minutes.  By the time most people read this, I think Wall Street will have their attention.

A little surprised to see New York buyers bringing their negotiating skills to the table to this extent even if I could see things going this way.  What happens in NYC tends to go everywhere else. They are as ever a fashionable city.

Then I discovered that Toronto's real estate market is taking quite a battering too:

It seems that buyers are realizing that they are the one's with the money and the bargaining power.  The funny thing is, they always were.  We should never forget that.

Another few hundred jobs gone

Another major Australian business gone. Higher rents strangling small businesses.  I suspect residential housing costs are also causing people to tighten their retail spending.  The cost of real estate is underestimated for its impact.  Ever increasing housing and commercial building costs can not be good for anyone who wants to make money from providing something to people that's productive.

Debt cycle

This article is worth reading about the importance of avoiding debt where possible and living within means:

Sea sponges? Hmm....

This is in no way advice.  I've been reading a lot about this lately though. 

At the moment, I just find this interesting and this must be the most balanced article I have read to date about it:

Women benefit from quitting pill

Stories of other women who have benefited from quitting the pill.  I personally have not used pen and paper to track things though probably this is more accurate.  The Clue app which can be password protected on a smart phone could be a tool to use along with taking temps etc.

Greens push for Reserve Bank to become a 'people's bank' offering cheap home loans - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Interesting proposal by the Greens party. 
Though similar results could be achieved by making investor residential mortgages illegal and bringing in twenty per cent deposits as a minimum required for owner occupiers.  
Alternatively we should make welfare only available to people/ family units that own one house. It's absurd that someone with two properties can be eligible for government money while someone who finds themselves unemployed is required to spend their savings.
This would wipe out speculation on prices and make it easier for responsible purchasers to get a foot in the door.
Greens push for Reserve Bank to become a 'people's bank' offering cheap home loans - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) -- shared by Browser
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Tasmania's booming real estate market could be about to slide, industry warns - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Tasmania's booming real estate market could be about to slide, industry warns - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) -- shared by Browser
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Zero coffee

Zero cups of coffee drunk today. I really am ill.  Actually, I hope I am improving so I can avoid the doctors' office.

I spent half the high coffee up substances that could be used to make some kind of eco glue, and then half the morning while drinking tea, of the same.  Let's hope my body's got the virus to largely go away.  I am physically a bit exhausted from all that coughing.

So today, to save for my currently unaffordable abode:
Stayed at homeProcessed food from the garden ready for easy mealsDid cleaning here, and there.Bought nothing but craving skittles.  Not a big enough craving to act on though.Finished my gluten free fruit bread.Soup for dinner.

Savings for imaginary house

Let me see how I saved money today for my tiny home I can't afford (yet):
Stayed home.  Mainly because I felt too ill to go out.Drank much coffee.  Not a huge saving but I had it at home for less than a dollar a cup.  Black coffee is reputed to be an expectorant (get the gunk out of the body when with mild flu/cold/virus thing) and seems to work for me.  More coffee perhaps but less sleep. No four dollar cups of coffee, extra for soy milk (*grumps*).Wore second hand warm clothes.  Yet to put the heater on. May need to put slippers on as I am freezing from my toes at the minute. Bought slippers on special off season, and in bulk, saving dollars.  I love my Hoodies For My Feet almost as much as my Keep Cup (no ad revenue from that, just love 'em).Listened to Spotify streaming service.  Cost minimal, well except for internet streaming which costs dollars.  Low cost compared to live music.Drank free cheap tea bags last couple of days.  Easily contented.Happily ate leftovers.Researc…

Hashimotos caused by genes

I'm mad as a cut snake.  Well, perhaps not quite that mad as the urban dictionary defines this Australian saying as meaning mad beyond reason and I have plenty of reason left.

In fact my intellectual reason is the cause for my anger.  I really should know better by now than to open an article about thyroid disease from new sources and hope for anything like facts there.  I've just let a major Australian news organization know what I think about their article suggesting that Hashimoto's thyroid disease is caused by life style and prevalent in people 40-60.  I am not a happy camper.

Let's look at the facts shall we?

FACT 1) Hashimoto's thyroid disease, named after Dr Hakaru Hashimoto from Japan who discovered it in 1912, is an autoimmune disease.  The body attacks the thyroid and slowly destroys it.

FACT 2) As far as we know, to date, it is caused by genetics.

FACT 3) Lifestyle changes may help manage it but no…

How food affects mood

This article How Food Affects Your Mood by WebMD is worth a read.  It gives people easy to use tips to assist good mental health.  It talks about the importance of including complex carbohydrates in your food intake and that one of the best all rounders is the Mediterranean way of eating.
In summary:
1) Keep Carbs (fruit, veg, wholegrains, legumes)
2) Eat enough fatty acids (fatty fish, walnuts and flaxseed)
3) Eat Breakfast
4) Keep exercising and lose weight slow and steady
5) Move to Mediterranean way of eating
6) Get enough vitamin D (may need a supplement in winter)
7) Eat selenium rich food (seafood, nuts and seeds, lean meat, whole grains, beans/legumes, dairy)

This quote from the article is worth a special mention:
"So what happens when you follow a very low carbohydrate diet? According to researchers from Arizona State University, a very low carbohydrate (ketogenic) diet was found to enhance fatigue and reduce the desire to exercise in overweight adults after just two week…

Low cost good mental health apps you might want to try

There's all kinds of apps that can be placed on a smart phone.  With smart purchasing a low cost smart phone can be found.  Android or Apple based systems seem to be the most user friendly and worth purchasing.  I prefer Android personally for easy of use and cost effectiveness.

After a bit of searching I found this mental health app, called Moodpath, that can be down loaded onto an Android or Apple phone.  You can use it in conjunction with therapy or just use it to help understand moods and challenge them with questions.

Because low impact exercise, say thirty minutes of exercise of walking a day, tends to be good for good mental health, I'll add this exercise app called 7 Minute Workout because most people can make the time and effort to do seven minutes of exercise and it's an easy way to get started.

Just enough

My blu tak and cardboard baton fix for my bed seems to have held overnight.  I guess we will see whether or not that continues.  An alternate idea is to buy some sheets of plywood to distribute weight and create a stronger support.  I do not see the benefit of buying new beech pieces as they are likely to crack again.  It did occur to me that paper mache could probably be used to strengthen slats at very low cost.

I've been doing some research on solar batteries for the tiny home I have not built.  It takes a lot of planning and some money.

The cost is going down but not worth it for most houses or people yet if my analysis is correct.
The Australian brand Sotaro battery does seem worth looking at for smaller houses where everything in the house is energy efficient.  I would probably have an alternate source of heat in a place like Tasmania such as a pellet heater or wood heater.

For an Easter treat I had a couple of pieces of gluten free fruit bread with my home made vegan spread…