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Frappe trial #2

I have a cup of frappe freezing which has started to freeze all fluffy which is just what I love.  Next time I might whisk the ingredients and freeze.

Made a frappe of sorts

I made two frappes (coffee, soy milk, ice, sugar, xantham gum), one using sugar - only a spoonful - and one without sugar (little stevia).  The little sugar made a big difference but I think I might try another recipe next time.  Without any ice cream this is refreshing but a little tame.  Perhaps next time I might add a frozen apple or another low sugar fruit for some extra oomph.  It's alright but not as good as the ones I get in the coffee shop but they must have a lot of sugar!

Now Autumn (Fall) has hit, I've found the frappe secret

I'm yet to try it but there are several recipes for coffee house style frappes with either Xantham gum or Pectin as thickeners.  There's some concern that xantham gum may be harmful to infants/ babies.  It's a good idea to limit additives to food.

There's quite the hit of sugar in this though!  I've just taken to adding cold coffee, soy milk and ice to my tall keep cup as a quick substitute.  I'm not a fan of cleaning my blender!

Here's one recipe that's popular online:

Now it's cooler I'm having hot drinks again but I might make myself one tomorrow as I have a stash of xantham gum around and two cups of tea keeps me sleepy of a morning.

Here's a mocha frappe:

And this looks amazing but I'm too lazy to make it:

Then there's this, a unicorn frappe:…

Heat and grief

I think I am coping alright and then I shut my eyes and memories make me turn my light on at night.  Lately, these memories leave me restless.  I did the healthy thing last night and had a good cry. The last couple of weeks I've been tempted to drink to push my misery down and kick it down the road.  It's just as well I do not allow myself to drink when I am that unhappy but I do sometimes eat a little sweet stuff to get me through.  I think that's a pretty sane response to grief.

So, last night was a bit of bad night.  Apparently it was the hottest night on record as well so a good night to sit up and cry. I made sure I found something to watch to distract myself once I'd had a good cry.

I am hopeful this afternoon's slight cool change will continue though I hear rumbles of thunder as I type.  It's a sure sign I am a Tasmanian by missing the rain when the heat descends like an oppressive blanket.  Come winter, I'll be moaning about the cold no doubt!  I…

Vanilla ice coffee (dairy and gluten free)

I've been searching for the perfect ice coffee the last few weeks and they have generally turned up disappointing.  The only one worth drinking must have had gluten in it, such was my body's disgust at the delightful flavor.  The rest had a miserable ice cube floating about in it and an exorbitant price.

You can make your own and it's a lot less than the $6.50 per cup I paid like an over heated lemming.

For a really icy drink I would make a half shot of coffee, let it cool, add soy ice cream and ice and blend, add a few drops of vanilla essence or vanilla syrup.

For a easier, cheaper version just add a heap of ice cubes to a cup, generously add soy or coconut milk and pour a half shot of fresh coffee over the top, add a few drops of vanilla.  You could blend it but my blender doesn't really do it justice.  A slushy machine for all summer is a temptation but winter will whistle and I'm already surrounded by stuff.

I can believe it's not mince

Made a yummy enough mince substitute today ( better with cheese) with olive oil, fried and onion or two, herbs and spices ( a little too much chilli powder perhaps) some grated carrot, baked beans and quick oats.  Added to tacos with salad and cheese for everyone else.  Cheap and filling meat sub.

One bag organised etc

Today I managed to throw out a few rusted things of my dad's which is a tough but necessary thing to do.  A little getting rid of damaged things does help though I do not have many things.  My favourite thing is a blanket with sheer sentimental value and a thermos he was going to throw out a month before he got ill.

Obviously photos and my desk he fixed when I was a teenager, and the light that came out his wage are hugely treasured.  Probably the least expensive thing he gave me with an old car I had written off was an old map of Hobart, a street directory, so old the street I type this from does not exist yet.  I fixed it up with old calendar pages, love and sticky tape.  It has my dad's working out for buying a house on it and it's a useful reminder to wait for the right opportunity to avoid debt.  I am still looking.  I so love seeing his beautiful hand writing.

Fixing the aged street directory reminded me of all the hours my dad spent fixing my school books with pict…

Refrigerator pickles

I was bored yesterday and thought a new way to use beans was a good idea.  I knew the Japanese or at least some Asians do a good pickled vegetable and wondered whether I could do a quick pickle for an side dish to my sushi and rice wrapper dinner.  Turns out you can and I made a cucumber, bean and herb refrigerator pickle which I am having with my rice breakfast today too.  I recommend trying the cucumber pickle, so good!
My recipe followed these kind of quantities but I did not use any onion:
And I made a small batch.  I heated up the pickling liquid and poured it over the vegetables instead of blanching them like some recipes suggest.  I allowed to cool and placed in fridge.

If you get the taste right, and it's not too salty, I would use the liquid either for more pickles (reheat it) or as sushi rice dressing.

A health bore

I'm in trouble if a health professional recommends I give up coffee. 

A couple of years ago a brave medical Doctor mentioned quitting coffee, then took one look at my grumpy face, and took the smart option by suggesting I limit my consumption.  Having quit caffeine cold turkey for six weeks I did not want to revisit the pounding head ache again.  This was more effective than pushing for quitting as I only saw chugging coffee as disappointing myself.  

On the day I originally wrote the draft for this post, the second of January, I was barely awake and on my second cup of strong coffee.  Today I managed three cups of coffee and three cups of soy milked laced black tea.  It may be time I revisited caffeine reduction!

Coffee in particular is alleged to have anti-depressant qualities and it certainly helps me stay happier than I am without it.  Considering recent events of grief and injury to my body I am doing really well.  Coffee is the least tempting of the substances my body has …