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Easy gluten free dairy free breakfast

Breakfast this morning is coconut yogurt (easy recipe) and cereal with soy laced coffee from a pod machine. 

Made the coconut yogurt last night with two tablespoons coconut flour, two tablespoons sugar, one can coconut cream.  Mixed and added a bit of normal yogurt culture, into yogurt themos overnight and in the fridge for thirty minutes.  Good stuff with plenty of sugar for the yogurt bugs to eat they seem to have thrived while I slept.

The coffee's just easy because I can fall out of bed and make it without moving much!  Not so good for the environment or budget if you do that too regularly though.

Merry Christmas from beautiful Tasmania


The not-so-fine art of grieving

I am not going to tell you how to grieve.  All I can do is share some things that are helping me:

Spending time with close family and the odd friend.  If a friend is more like a brother that seems to help.  Not all friends and family will help though.I find writing a letter to the person that died or keeping a journal of your thoughts can help at times.  It seems to help process all that has gone on.Gentle exerciseA massage might help as the body seems to hold grief and memories.  I think grief can be a physical thing as much as a psychological thing.Eat at least two main meals a day and plenty of water.Talk to a professional if you need. Do some of the things that you have always loved and try and find a hobby to lose yourself in.

There is no speeding up grief

I thought I might be able to speed up grief.  I should know better.  There is no speeding up the grieving process.  Time is critical to healing.  I am sitting with and processing my grief but I can not make it go any faster.

It feels so weird seeing Christmas decorations everywhere and still feeling deep grief.  Life feels something between a dream and a nightmare I can't wake from.  I feel like I am lost in a parallel world but I know that death and loss are real.  I thought my dad might win against cancer.

I had him for as long as I needed him but I wish for more time as we all do when we grieve.  Ironically, I was beginning to deeply appreciate having a dad, being cherished, allowing him to look after me, and the, just as I was so thankful it was taken away.

There is never enough time.  I lost my hero, the person I could turn to in times of trouble, it hurts to have him taken out of this world.  It simply does not seem real.  My dad was larger than life and I know that life …

How do I talk about death of a parent?

I am sitting here with a cup of soy laced coffee and trying to write about what has just happened to my father, my dad.  I do not know how you write about losing a parent.  There are to quote one of my nearest and dearest no words to adequately express the hell that the grief of losing a parent is.

I am grateful that I left with a good relationship with my dad but that only provides the tiniest amount of comfort.  I am sure that it is hell on earth for people no matter how things are left.  Parents are our world when we are children and it turns out once you realise what a crock modern society's lack of values are they can continue to be.

I never understood why anyone would go to a cemetery to visit their nearest and dearest but then I had never experienced grief like this.  I found great comfort in going to the grave once the soil was tilled over.

We went through hell on earth together, and many special memories before (some snatched while) cancer came into my father's life,…