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A cancer story

Migraine on legs

Last night, after deciding to take a couple of asprin to deal with my migraine, I made the mistake of familiarizing myself with potential migraine triggers.  I came to the conclusion that the only way for me to really avoid the triggers, as the online advice suggested, was to quit having hormones and generally being myself.

I guess I can be glad that I am in my peak migraine years and fast getting older and away from this exhausting peak.  This one could be caused by so many things including a food allergy, back alignment, emotional distress and hormones. 

This is a good general guide about migraines, do see a doctor or talk to a nurse via community services if you have concerns:

Eating too much, trying to stay sane and happy

I wish I was centred enough to write this at the moment.  At the moment I need this, and some days are fine, others are a struggle:

Cheap and cheerful multipurpose & bathroom cleaner

Due to chronic moving and limited resources, I came up with a cheap, and effective, multipurpose cleaner. 

In an empty spray bottle I placed a small squirt of dishwashing detergent, a squeeze of lemon juice and lots of water to dilute (about half a litre) which cleaned the bathroom, glass stove top, benches and  wooden surfaces of dust quite nicely (you will have to be careful with wood, damp cloth and water, then immediately dry if sensitive surface).

A few cents and lots of elbow grease later, I also used the mixture to clean the floor with a cloth.  I admit to being a bit worn out now!

We're not spending - UK (and Hobart me thinks)

People in the UK appear to have taken the official line on austerity to heart and unsurprisingly, stopped spending as much as is practical. 

Spending is at a halt in the UK and if my observations are correct is very slow in Hobart given the shopping centers are normally overwhelmed with shoppers by November for the Christmas rush.  Looks like much gratitude and embracing the small things this Christmas.  How anyone can blame on a "brexit" that is yet to happen is anyone's guess.  If people do not have secure employment and affordable housing they will not spend.

MS article: diet, not smoking and sun exposure

Allergy to health

Discovered I am highly allergic to chia seeds after I bought a big bag with good vegan intentions!  Rang a free nurse line for medical advice.  So annoying.  Not many websites tell you that while for some people the seeds have benefits, in others they can cause severe reactions.

Looking a little like a somewhat frugal Christmas

For some reason, when I should be baking up the summer sunshine, the weather in Hobart has gone down right chilled.  There's apparently snow on Mount Wellington and this mug a few kilometres away was hailed on when she went out for a suburban dawdle.  This fast became a slight jog as the hail made its appearance!

Today, to keep life organised and keep the finances in check (though with sick family not my biggest priority), I:

downloaded an app to make claims to my health insurer ridiculously easymade a claim on a medication ordered groceries for next weekordered a game and play doh for little people at Christmas time. May order a couple of other things soon too.already have most presents ready for Christmashad a clear out of paper work and did a few minutes filing before bedwent through and threw out old medication and cosmeticsrecycled the coffee pods and threw coffee into composthad cup of tea with conversation while I checked on sick family and did minor errands todaywent for a …

Excellent allergy information!

From a small piece of chocolate laced with dairy, which I ate, I now feel hung over.  Give me a glass of wine and fewer side effects any day.  No Moo for me!  And a stomach ache and bloating last night to boot!  Oof!  I was stupid.

If you are looking for quality allergy information the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology is an excellent resource:

A good place to find a doctor who can lecture on the evils of belgium chocolates!  I was not at my house and it was not my chocolate...not good.