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Organisation can save money and sanity

Excellent article by David & Libby Koch on organising your will, tax and other paper work.  Specifically for an Australian audience but the principles still make it worth reading:

A bowl of humble rice

With all the news of the world, and I only read a little today, it's tempting to buy a bunker somewhere quiet.  If only I could afford a patch of land that was not bush locked and impossible to leave in an inferno! 

At the moment I am safe and grateful for my humble bowl of rice and vegetable with a little protein.  I eat a lot of humble bowls of things when I eat a gluten free and dairy free diet that is filling and cost effective.  That, and plenty of fruit!  It's hardly surprising that I am losing weight.

Earlier this morning, while feeling under caffeinated, I went for a suburban walk; did some garden watering and tidying; a little house tidy up and rewarded myself with my third soy flat white coffee.  Since then I have been madly researching cheap renovation strategies and watching a couple of new markets that show affordability promise (price be going down) that are within forty minutes of my parents and close to shops.

Two cups of mint tea and much keyboard exercise and…

Chamomile and gratitude.

I am about to go to bed as I have a few things that need to be done at a reasonable hour tomorrow.  Not least of which is get out of bed!  Drink a big cup of chamomile in the hope that it knocks me nicely to sleep shortly.

Today, I am grateful to have my own little space and company when I want it.  A pretty card from my birthday with a cheerful design.  My cheapest and most practical diary to date that I can change the covers of when the mood takes me.

I am thankful for cups of coffee and sunshine and so glad I bought some small weights years ago when I did.  Remembering to do a few minutes weights helps my back stay in shape and functional.  I am a little less fat due to less cheese (no dairy) and a little more thyroid medication although the dose never seems to be quite right. 

My coconut yogurt seems to be working well and I added a little gelatin to thicken it today.  I am not quite with a recipe I love but a probiotics capsule makes such a difference as a starter.  Unfortunately…

China's not calling - Sydney housing

Good.  China keeps their capital and Australian houses can be bought by those living here.  Interesting times!

Tough times

Life is particularly tough at the moment.  The news about someone I love is enough to give anyone a reason to drink.  If only I drank to forget but I barely drink and I certainly do not drink when upset or on my own.  It's a rule I created for times like this.  I drink tea and coffee and plenty of herbal teas.

Tonight though late I was strung out when I should have been relaxing so I did twenty minutes of exercise with tiny dumbbells in front of the tv and found something that made me laugh a little.  I drank a strong cup of soy laced espresso and plenty of fruit. 

Now I drink chamomile and await news tomorrow.  I am doing my best to take one day at a time but at the moment the days are uniquely torturous and I look for wisdom in a time of bleak news and a glimmer of hope in amongst the gloom.

Coconut yogurt making #2

Adding lemon juice to my coconut yogurt did work but took a few days in the fridge to really thicken.  Now it has the consistency of non whipped cream.

My second go is a can of cheap pure coconut cream, lemon juice, sugar, bit of homemade batch of coconut yogurt and a capsule of probiotics because I want more oomph and zing.  Brewing away in my yogurt maker.  Can thicken with coconut flour but have not bothered to go shopping yet so making do.

And in other news, on to my second cup of coffee for the day.

Gender Dysphoria

Are you a "pregnant person"?!

Ripple influence for weary types

I keep opening up blogger and staring at the screen and finding nothing to say.  It may sound strange but life seems to be conspiring to overwhelm me and calm me down in equal measure.  The things that are emotionally difficult I know are beyond my control.  There are practical things I can do for the people involved, and I sleep well most nights as a result, but ultimately there is nothing I can do but take one step at a time and cry a little sometimes.

In between I am walking regularly, swimming occasionally, gardening a little, eating a little too much sometimes, turning into a blob in front of a screen when exhausted of an evening.  My creativity is a little low. 

I would love to be doing more to help the wider world but I have enough going on in my corner.  There's more than enough insanity in the news headlines to send me back to weeding and talking to friendly neighbours and the odd exceptional retail person.  Surely those interactions, and my example (with the exception of…

Hold off with property purchase?

Certainly, while looking at properties online and having looked actively up until recently, I am forced to wait for the market to meet my savings.  This waiting could take me a while.  I would recommend caution but this article is worth considering:

China - Too much optimism in market?

About to get interesting:

China's bank chief is warning about excessive optimism leading to high debt and speculation according to this article:

Swimming with sharp pain

With my pain threshold being taken for an absolute thrashing due my arthritis in my back and other places flaring up not nicely I drank chamomile tea, applied heat and did stretches for the last few days.  I thought it was under control and then my arthritis decided to let me know I was alive last night.  I would have taken pain killers but they tend to be fairly useless for me, for this. 

As the flare up was worse than normal I did a search on what to try and found that swimming is one of the best exercises to do for Ankylosing Spondylitis.  I also found out that it can be far worse than I thought so staying fit is critical.  I already knew that swimming has helped me in the past improve my lung capacity and breathing when it seemed borderline asthmatic.  I did not know that this may have been due to the arthritis doing it's thing.  My last check up showed no sign of asthma or breathing difficulty and so I am confident that my commitment to swim regularly in my twenties and do st…

Gluten Free Beer for summer

For some reason, having not drunk beer in years, I have a sudden craving for a Corona with the sushi I am well on the way prepping for today.  As I was told from diagnosis for Coeliac Disease beer was off the table so I went searching for gluten free beers, for example O'Brien's, which are a recent opportunity for Coeliacs and created by two Coeliacs with us all in mind. 

I admit I still wanted my Corona though.  I am yet to try O'Brien's but it does come with great reviews.  My craving has been specifically for Corona for some reason.  Perhaps this craving has something to do with me having to give up cheese and wanting something light and delicious to make up for it.  Then again, it could just be the beginning of spring with the promise of summer calling.

After a little bit of digging I discovered that I can think about drinking Corona and Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager though in Australia they are not classed as gluten free.  In the US and UK they are classed as g…

If you must buy coconut yogurt (edited)

If you are a little individual like me and your health suffers when you indulge in the magnificence that is butter, cheese and all other dairy goodness, then I recommend making your own coconut yogurt.  I have not done so for a while and it's been a very long week so to get myself started I bought some coconut yogurt as a starter and something to eat while mine brews.

I find coconut yogurt quite rich and my taste buds have taken a few days to adjust and notice the tartness.  I recommend No Udder coconut yogurt for eating purposes and starter for your next batch.  I am brewing together a can of coconut cream, lemon juice (instead of pectin to help thicken - Edit: actually looks like lemon juice contains little pectin. Pectin is in skin and pith of lemon apparently), a little brown sugar for the yogurt bugs to eat up and coconut yogurt and I am hoping it works.

Anyway, if you must buy coconut yogurt in Australia buy No Udder unless you can find a better one!

Door shut for first home owners - Australia

I am ever hopeful that the door is not shut for first home owners in Australia forever.  I seem to be noticing some cheaper properties lately so that may be a sign of things to come.  Still can not believe the prices for older houses in key suburbs in Southern Tasmania but whether that's sustainable is a good question to ask.

The comments on this article are worth a read:

Mother and children live in bus. Sign of the times?

No Yaz or Levlen ED (six months off Birth Control Pill) status update

One of my most popular posts to date is on giving up birth control pills after eight continuous years of use (eight years Levlen ED, three days Yaz).  It seems intelligent to do an update after six months.

I am so thankful that the morning nausea withdrawal symptoms seem to be largely over and the severe nausea caused by withdrawal is over!  My appetite is returning to normal.  My cycle has shortened from 33 to my natural 29 day cycle and my time of month is a relative breeze compared to pre-pill me.  I did need ibuprofen for one day in the last cycle due to reasonably painful cramps but that was all.  I used to be in cramps and heavy bleeding for eight days and find it impossible to sleep most of that time.  I see no signs of returning to ultra heavy bleeding, it seems to be in a very healthy range, even normal from what I have read.  I assume the more normal cycle is in part attributable to thyroid medication.

My appetite is normalising and I only crave carbohydrates when I have par…

One day

Trying my best to take one day at a time.  Or even just one cup of something hot and delicious at a time.  This week is looking to be hot and bush fire smoked.  I went for a stroll early before the heat and wood smoke from smouldering fires gets worse.  Now the fire smoke has descended my car needs a clean at some point soon.

I am exhausted from being kind and wondering why I bother to do the right thing other than in the long run I will sleep better.  In the short term I am sleep deprived, and despite my morning walk and two cups of coffee, depressed. 

To hear cries of pain and tears though that will put your anger behind you.  Even as you actively left anger in the past where it belongs, others' cries of pain whether psychic or physical, that stays with you and will haunt me forever though I will one day leave that in the past too.

A swimming pool of pure chocolate

I'm feeling calm despite the storm I go through.  Even though I know that a vat of chocolate will solve nothing, I am tempted to spend up big at the local store on all things sweet and chocolate. 

I will content myself with quality coffee in the morning and herbal teas with the odd treat thrown in.  If I can not easily get to the shop I tend to give it a miss.  Walking and tea are often the best way to end the day anyway.

Treasure your family and the time you have with them.  Enjoy the little things when life is rough.  Walking slowly when a little under the weather can make such a difference along with just enough sunshine to get through.  And when it is all too much I cry a little.

Thyroid fat (bye lactose free cheese and hello waist)

With the best of intentions I have been eating a low lactose dairy based diet with small portions.  Think two to four cups of milk laced tea and a small slice of cheese a day.  Unfortunately, this seems to have meant that my thyroid medication became useless and my waist despite physical exercise of the muscle building and gardening variety disappeared.  

I like to feel warm and have the basic outline of a waist so now I miss cheese and milk laced tea.  I do feel better which means I must kiss the cheese goodbye.  It's so annoying because my arms and legs look slim and fit.  My doctor described this to me as thyroid fat which means my middle has the shape of an apple rather than a normal hourglass.  

Anyway, I can have the odd soy milk cup of tea and get away with it.  Lately I have been having good quality black tea without milk but can not cope with it unless there is food in my stomach.  A few corn crackers and canned fish with salad makes and easy lunch and I will buy some c…

About time: exercise can make CFS worse - CDC