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They always say a drop is "no cause for alarm"

Property market sees investors continue to retreat as first home buyers march in -- shared by Browser

Clearance rate

The real Sydney auction clearance rate was 49.9% not 83.7% « ROGER MONTGOMERY -- shared by Browser

Greater exhuberance

It seems we have learnt little from the GFC.  I agree Jordan Belfort we are in for a fall.  Nice to read he is paying back creditors and a changed man.

Blech with energy

Somehow I managed to do an hour in the garden today and work up quite the sweat.  I was hoping that it would rain all day and I could get out of my commitment to the garden if it was sunny and I was well enough.  After two cups of coffee I am glad I made the effort though.

I do not know what is going on with my body but I hope I can get it to calm down as it keeps hitting me with fatigue.  Hopefully this is transient and hitting the zinc again to treat likely deficiency helps (seems to be critical for me but would not recommend for most and should not be taken for too long or too high a dose, seek medical advice).  My hormones are on the way to balancing but the fatigue has been nasty.  Only had to take one pain killer for cramps this month and hoping the debilitating fatigue does not return with hormonal fluctuations again in a hurry.

Drinking a big cup of green tea and threw a frozen chicken in the oven with coconut milk, salt and pepper and herbs.  Will make an instant sauce and ju…

Bruise on breast information

What does a yellow bruise on the breast mean? -- shared by Browser

At home in hardware stores

I do not know what it is but for some reason when I go to the hardware store in old jeans, dust covered walking shoes in need of repair, no make up and a vague attempt at looking human, strangers assume I work there.

The irony being that I found gaining retail work nigh on impossible as I was considered too educated.  I couldn't have cared less as I was always willing to work hard but a degree really can bite you on the posterior.  I suspect thinking around this is changing and retail bosses are seeing the benefits of staff who are willing to work to gain a qualification/s.  It doesn't matter where I go either people assume I work in hardware!

Rather than my laid back approach to fashion it could just be that I come across as helpful and approachable.  Anyway, managed to get to the hardware store and buy some garden tools and now I ache all over having got myself outside.

a coffee a day

My body has reacted badly to this flu.  I seem to have taken a battering from this virus.   It's been a world of pain and fatigue.  Hopefully better and writing more soon.  Sad family news too.  Taking life one coffee at a time.

Kale, Minestrone and temporary vegetarian

Yesterday I had to stock up on basic foodstuffs as I am in a different spot to normal.  Until I get myself back to the local butcher I am temporarily low on meat and fish.  I actually feel pretty good on a diet full of fruit, vegetables, pulses and much carbohydrates.  Last night I made four bowls full of hearty minestrone and added some fresh kale picked from the garden for leftover lunch today.

I also picked some herbs for cheap food flavour that was planted previously, made a cheap and easy low sugar dessert from banana, honey and coconut cream, did the odd boring chore and I am drinking a hot cup of quality milky instant coffee for a change.

Tomorrow I need to do something with pumpkin.  Still a little weak from flu but on my way to recovery!

Ant-Man, thoroughly enjoyable movie

Paul Rudd on Ant-Man, being Hollywood’s go-to nice guy and growing up with English parents in Kansas | Film | The Guardian -- shared by Browser

Legless flu, flood and cup of tea

I seem to have managed to feel legless this morning due to flu virus and promptly put myself back to bed after a hot bath.  Now, I have been up for a little while and made muffins because I did not trust myself to make up batter of banana fritters I was craving and stand long enough while I fried them.  Banana muffins are going to have to be the next best thing to have with my cup of tea.  
I've watered the pot plants, put on a load of dishes and aired out the house as well.  Watched some of the US news breakfast coverage I went back to bed.  Clearly things look devastating there and in other parts of the world where there are major floods.  I did not think of oil shortages when I first heard the news but it sounds like the cost of fuel and ability to get it may become tricky.  
It sounds like people and the government are  doing everything they can and my hope is that people can be relocated and well looked after.  I watched one woman account how she thought it would be a mild st…