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Feelings are not facts - psychology today

Feelings are not facts

USA readers - time to contact your Congress Representative re: Student Loans?

This report makes my blood boil.  I am planning on spending my tax return this year, at least in part, on my University degree which has proved to be an expensive way to be unemployed.  While my peers were paid the equivalent of a wage to have a child, I struggled on sweet stuff all and have to pay for the privilege.  Some privilege!?  No privilege when you get sick and ignored and sent broke by ill health and poor advice with low wages when you can work.  Blood, sweat and tears for a qualification now available too easily and worthless according to employers.

Do study, but find a way to do it cheaply, and never go into debt for it unless you are certain that you will earn money from it at the end of it.

Time to complain to your government representative if you want this changed.  I have done my bit in Australia.

Aca - a achoo (still with flu)!

This morning when I finally fell out of bed, I thought I might be over this flu.  Clearly I was deluded as my sneeze upon this now clean keyboard proved in dramatic fashion.  Then as if to hammer the point home my legs decided that walking anywhere was a unique kind of torture that was best avoided.

As a result today has been spent resting for fear any more of my body might rebel and drinking fluids.  I thought I got my head around currency devaluation this morning and would write about it but my brain has the retention of a swiss cheese at the moment.  I balanced that intellectual exercise with television and herbal tea.

It was a beautiful sunshine day interspersed with rain clouds intermittently pouring to keep tourists on their toes.  I'm sure the local coffee shops did a roaring trade and a few reconsidered whether they wanted to live in a place where you wake up and assume a day in side is in order only to finish breakfast and for summer to appear, then back to rain!


Fed up with flu

Spent most of the day in bed today after a rough night in pain and dehydrated with flu.  Made up some basic rehydration fluid with stuff at home at 3am in the morning and am over the worst of that for the moment (sugar, salts & water - look up a proper recipe, glucose powder is better for this but had none at home.  Best to buy some oral rehydration powder and dilute in water for mild dehydration.).  I will probably buy some oral rehydration powder tomorrow but just ran out.

I was very grateful when my mum brought me in a hot cup of tea and I am sure she was glad to see me finally surfaced at half a cup of tea a while later.  When I sat up, after tipping some tea into bed with me (so tired), I realized that it hurt to sit and drink tea, and nearly went back to sleep!  After two cups of milky tea, which can help with dehydration, and some food I feel a bit more human.

It's a little annoying being down with flu because it looked like perfect walking in the sunshine weather!  Th…

$2 million gone in hours...


I came across this lady's website before and thought it lacked a blog but having found the blog years later, it's like going on a whimsical journey through Sydney and meeting a new friend with frugal tendencies.  I adore this post about soup, gratitude and frugality, so worth sharing:

Great night's sleep and comfort

I had the best nights sleep for ages and my body is not quite so ache filled.  I almost feel human today!  Have this rising on the bench top (minus the eggs which I hope it does not need but I used a little melted butter and soy milk instead):

(oats are not considered gluten free in Australia but they are in other countries)

Drinking tea and feeling sorry for my mum who woke up, had breakfast, appears to have started soup in her dreaming pot, and promptly gone back to bed with what is likely my flu.  I should be well enough to help look after her which is a bonus all round.  Hopefully she has this strain as it seems to be not too nasty though taking aspirin at its worst was smart on my part ( not to be given to children) as it gave my body enough relief to fight the thing.  Lots of honey and lemon drinks and herbal teas have certainly helped too!

I got up at a reasonable hour because I am expecting some more …

Money sink potential (first home buyer and flu woe)

It would appear anything remotely close to my housing budget involves major construction issues.  I read a report on a property this afternoon that is giving my financial brain a workout.  I will likely not go ahead but before I make that decision I will have to sleep on things.

It's a shame because if it was structurally sound I could decorate for peanuts (a few bags but you get my point).  With an engineering report at least I would know how many tonnes of peanuts would go into it.  Demolition and rebuild are more likely and at least the seller is aware of that!  Of course if it was structurally sound I likely could not afford it unless it was in a ghost town.

My body is fighting off the flu and it is causing my taste buds to go awry, it's so bad that I can not taste salt in my food!  I've decided to listen to non impaired taste buds and put a truck load of pepper in my soup instead.  My voice is still working but threatening to go offline any minute.  To add insult to …

Oat bread recipe cheap !!!!

100% Oat Bread with Sourdough Recipe by Felice - Cookpad -- shared by Browser

1940s house wife

Today to change the world for the better, on a tiny budget, I:
Ate a huge slice of humble pie and rescued my study light I had given up on being repaired.  After finding it still intact, if wet in the bin, I hauled it out and let it dry.  Then I asked my in home handyman whether he would accept my grovelling and fix my light once it was dry.  He will (hooray!), so that's a few dollars for wiring and a treat for the handyman.  Much cheaper than the $100 plus options I was looking at and not liking.  A study light will help me write, helping with the following...Two letters to influential Australians and a brave awareness campaign on social media.  One had research to back up my conclusions and encourage someone to show courage and the other was full on legalize due to lazy public service behaviour and should start their day with oomph if nothing else!Touched base with an old friend to encourage them to remain strong, brave and courageous.Still recovering from the flu and was reading…


There seems to be little spoken about HIV/AIDS of late.  According to it continues to be at epidemic proportions with tragic loss of life.  An estimated third ( to fifty per cent (CDC) of HIV patients die of TB which seems a disease lost in time.  If you have a moment this website is worth having a look at

Survive Christmas on Rations

Fascinating article by the Science Museum on experiments conducted prior to World War 2 Rationing to ensure that people's health would tolerate a reduction in key food stuffs.  I have never read about this before:

Defaults in payments in Australia up - housing

There's a Four Corners special on tonight about the housing situation in Australia.  A companion article is here:

After looking for months, found this article by Moody's investment services on the rising defaults of mortgage payments in Australia.  Definitely worth reading:

Smart phone slash lamp

My study/ bedside lamp has died after a long twenty five year reign and I am on the not enjoyable task of looking for a replacement.  In the meantime I am using the light on my smartphone but it's not nearly as versatile.  Then I went internet searching and look at this:

Clever solution but not for me!

House of horrors...?!

Viewed a dump/ house today and somehow held my temper when I realized that the ethics of the sellers were sadly lacking.  I am tempted to take action but the last time I successfully tried to do so it was not really worth my effort and there was a limit to my power as the law is a little grey.  By being honest with other people looking at the property I did at least offer an honest assessment of the property.

Even a house with demolition potential is currently over my budget.  Even though I think they sellers have a snowball's chance in hell of selling at their asking price I am constantly amazed at what people are willing to pay for unlivable properties.

In case you are wondering, no the land was not worth putting a low offer in considering the urgent need to demolish the house and clean the site of an old sanitary station in the ground and contamination.  A new build would be the best house in a not great street at best.  The land also had issues that meant I could not see the …

Dear Frugal Diary

I'm the first to admit that sewing is not a talent that I excel at.  I am getting better at the basics of sewing and can do basic mending.  It is telling though that all I need to do to impress my mum is show her my newly darned cotton socks.  She was more than happy to mend them for me as she wanted her handiwork (knitted the socks) to remain looking good for as long as possible.

On that note, to keep the budget in check, in the last twenty four hours, I:

darned my sockssewed on a buttongave my floor a quick cleanchanged my sheetsbought up basics for my winter wardrobe.  My thermal top is about to fall apart and looks worse for wear having lived in it for at least two years.  I replaced my thermal long sleeve top, bought a new good quality polar-fleece for going out (such glamour!) and a few other odds and ends on special.bought a few months worth of medication to keep me healthy and away from shops.made a healthy, hearty lunch of curried egg sandwich and a dinner from jazzed up l…

No recipe relished rissoles and baked rice dessert

For dinner tonight made a simple rissoles recipe from cooked corn beef that I diced and placed in a food processor with an onion, apple, a couple of heaped tablespoons of good quality gluten free flour (sorghum and bean flour and potato flour) a little kale, carrot, salt and pepper. Shaped into little balls and fried.  Served with bread and homemade spicy sauce.  Normal food critic very impressed, so an idea worth sharing.  I had mine with brown rice.

Left over brown rice was quickly turned into a rice pudding dessert with a splash of lactose free milk, some raw sugar, sultanas, an egg added to create a light custard, a little nutmeg and cinnamon.  Very easy and satisfying dessert.  Can be chilled in the fridge for later or breakfast!

Heroine does not buy a chook shed or toilet block to live in

While making myself do some kind of exercise last night involving funny noises of the grunting type I had a good natured conversation with The Head Gardener about my budgetary options.  I am just waiting for the stuff to hit the proverbial fan.

Anything remotely in my price range at the moment has pretty major problems so there is not much point worrying about it.  If I find something I like I may put an offer in but am fed up with the prices on houses and units.

Hobart's and Tasmania's property market has got to the point that I can not afford a bush block in the middle of nowhere, complete with high fire danger, with what looks like an outdoor toilet block circa 1938 or chook shed.  I could maybe afford something a few hours drive away but want to live near family.  I have not completely ruled that out but the market I am thinking of is falling so I can afford to watch it for a while.

Gold Rush 101

I have been feeling utterly dispirited the last little while.  I am fed up with popular rhetoric that only the truely well off could possibly care about.  If I read another account of lunatic property spending on property that is unfit for human habitation I may just scream!  2 million for a house that no one can live in?  The insanity has truely taken hold.

Of course, while property reaches insane and stupid levels, property investors are finding themselves in the position of trying to stay afloat with the only sane response being bankruptcy.  While my sympathy for those with debt to the eyeballs on multiple properties is low, I get no comfort from their misfortune.

It seems the insanity will continue forever and those same people will have a house bought for them by the government.  While I save too much to be offered the same but too little to buy a house?  Where are the incentives to do the right thing?  I can only hope that the good employment figures in the US push interest rat…

Spirulina, not as safe and healthy as I thought?!

I had been using spirulina as an alternative to a multi-vitamin but after reading this article I threw the tablets out.  Spirulina may be unsafe and cause liver disease, brain disease, add poisons to the body, cause hormonal balance and cancer according to this article.  Personally, I would not recommend it after reading this and I am quite shocked.

I've only been using a multivitamin due to issues absorbing nutrients.  Most people probably do not need a multivitamin but talk to your doctor.

Economics and saving goals

The Reserve Bank of Australia would like to see more people study economics.  Nearly everything I learnt, I picked up by reading while completing a Bachelor of Arts and starting a Business Certificate towards the end when I realised that business and administration was my thing.

Then, after getting my head around that, I did a Diploma of Business but probably learnt as much or more by working in multiple environments, reading and running a couple of businesses.  Perhaps the talent is genetic in part?  Still, never underestimate blood, sweat, tears and...ethics.  Though my ethics led to the loss of money in the short term but very long term I know I made good decisions.  Sometimes it's important to do the right thing without expecting reward.

In keeping with the RBA's calls for people to be more educated about economics, here's some interesting reading for you:

1) To get your head around demographics and economics, this is a good start:…

Classy nails

I've been researching natural nail polish options.  It seems the only recipes that are food safe and natural are olive oil and beeswax preparations but I struggle to see how they are waterproof? Then again, liquid nail polish can chip quickly so maybe that doesn't matter?

I have found a few brands that are safer and non conventional, food safe even, but having tried them in the past I found them expensive and not worth the effort for me.  I guess for little girls this might be worth considering.  Also, whether they are much better than the conventional lower toxic nail polishes is up for debate in most cases except the food based products which have to stay in the fridge.

Long story short, I threw out all my polishes the other day and would prefer something without a chemical smell that's easy to apply.  Nail stickers are an option but I am not likely to have the patience and I have read pros and cons about this product that lead me to believe that a good quality quick dry…

Clean sheets, sea air and a cup of tea

I am spring cleaning by degrees.  Today I cleaned two blinds with hot soapy water and elbow grease and the frame of the window that has got a little iffy due to winter weather.

I went for a walk this afternoon and rather optimistically wore shorts and a polar fleece.  A few minutes later I found myself going an interesting colour and walking past icy roads in the valley of a hill.  Tomorrow, I shall wear shorts.  I have noticed this week that the sea air has the promise of summer.

I've a cup of expensive green tea in my keep cup in cheerful colours, clean sheets on my bed and a summer coloured doona to cheer things up, warm slippers and my coffee machine is sitting there waiting for tomorrow's cup of something hot.  Those are some of the simple things that make me happy and cost little.

Domestic Profit

As I type, it's a little late in Hobart.  It's theoretically past my bed time and a cool winter evening to boot.  I managed to get up early this morning and luxuriate in the sun streaming in through the window as I had some quiet time with my thoughts and did some disciplined reading and thinking.
I was slightly miffed when the sun decided to sod off but that's winter for you!

Today I had a quick tidy and did the odd housework bit and bob including making a simple dinner of salad, chips and cooked chicken.  Dish washing and a tidy up seemed to take no time at all but I am doing quite alright today.  I do need to rest, my body is not at its most cooperative.  My walk will have to wait until tomorrow.

This evening I discovered that another employer who temporarily made my life a living hell is in real potential financial trouble.  I am not sure that I am happy for another's misery, in fact I would have rather seen them change, and ultimately succeed.  Given a hardness of…