Midweek inspirational reading

Young cancer survivor wants to become a doctor.  Hard to not be impressed with this story:

On the one hand this story is impressive.  On the other, combined with the budget meals in the latest Coles magazine, it's a sign that things are tough for most people and likely to get worse.  Feed your family for one dollar a serve (plus electricity for the freezer and heating to cook).  This method helped this family buy a home:

Some women are spending the amount I live off in most years (saving for a house and paying off HECS), on clothes:

Do not be like everyone else, 25 ways to save money on clothes.  If you do op-shop accept that moth balled clothes seem impossible to clean.  I lost five dollars on a piece this week because it smelt fine in store!  I am still ahead though!

Some good ideas here too:

Save money by adjusting jeans:

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