Just paper, a pencil and imagination

Today, spent a boisterous time with nieces playing old fashioned games that only require dashings of patience, paper and a pencil.  I somehow found myself playing two games with two nieces simultaneously which lead to much shouting of "your turn!" but not much arguing between them as they were competing with me, not against each other.  As the only person who seemed to understand battleship on paper and/or had the patience for that kind of activity, I was it.

I actually really enjoyed playing simple games with my nieces and it sure beat some of the other board games I have tried to find enthusiasm for.  Thankfully, I had just the right level of energy for two girls shouting at me, and a big mug of hot tea to keep me going.

I did the bare minimum of housework today and instead of my usual crash and burn, plodded which does help the energy levels.  It also means other people tend to help out if I am a little less helpful.  Actually, I think I tidied toys and forgot to put them away.  Ah well, hopefully, no one trips over them before they go away again.

Spent an afternoon this weekend tidying up my paper work and threw out two bags of papers I do not need.  Just discovered that a previous employer who did not pay me sales commissions (totalling thousands) owed is in liquidation.  There would appear to be some justice in this world.

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