Gratitude on a hot winter's day

Somehow in a Tasmanian winter's day it actually got too hot to wear a polar fleece.  It's now back to chilly proportions without a heater and I am grateful for a hot cup of lemon tea.

My oat bread worked out so well I just made another loaf.  It is a dense little loaf but very filling and seems to get eaten quickly!  Be careful, two slices of this bread seems to be the magic number for a full stomach, three slices seems to end in groans as it's too much. Apparently it is the perfect loaf for fruit infused soft cheese which has also disappeared almost as fast as it was bought.

I based my recipe on this one but used only about a dessert spoon of honey, and a dessert spoon of raw sugar and a pinch of salt instead of these quantities:

I'm told it is "just the right amount of honey" but I will let you be the judge of that if you want to experiment with a recipe.  Unfortunately, this inability to completely follow a recipe seems to be genetic and can lead to magnificence or a hilarious disaster.

I am trying this recipe as a guideline for a gluten free-ish* version but do not hold out much hope as oats tend to sink gluten free breads (*oats are not recommended by Australian Coeliac society but US and Canadian Coeliac associations still recommend gluten free oats).  My last loaf did not follow a recipe but it was a sunken brick.  In it's defense it was filling and delicious but I am hoping the addition of butter and lactose free milk might make a lighter loaf.  Certainly, the controversial addition of some oats to otherwise gluten free baking means I feel like I ate something substantial and has the added benefit of the workout needed to slice the bread!

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