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DIY woe: How to not buy a smart phone wallet

There are a couple of ways to get a new cover for your phone.  You could go the easy, sane and inexpensive way and buy a new one.

Or, you could:
1) watch YouTube craft clips online and delude yourself that it is easy
2) collect your crafts the next day even though you slept on the silly idea
3) Ignore the fact that you do not have nearly everything you need to do this job easily and well
Step 4) Take time and sanity and persist when quitting is the smart route
Step 5) Have a not too shabby phone wallet and after the agony find yourself reverting to thinking it will be easy to improve on ( and potentially back to step 1)

I think we know what I did today...

Trust in sight unseen

Still a little heart broken by not getting a house recently.  I can only hope that there is something better out there for me.  In the meantime I have enough to be going on with.  Disappointment can be character building but I found it took the winds out of my sails this time round.

Life recently has been a bit much with people not bothering to follow through with promises they made to me.  I just picked my self up and got going and hoped it was for the best.  When family members drop out of your life, for what I can only hope is for a little while, that can deflate even the the strongest person.  I have been struggling lately with people treating me like a doormat and it does nothing good for the old self confidence.

I continue to hope that things improve and trust in bigger hands than mine.

Gratitude on a hot winter's day

Somehow in a Tasmanian winter's day it actually got too hot to wear a polar fleece.  It's now back to chilly proportions without a heater and I am grateful for a hot cup of lemon tea.

My oat bread worked out so well I just made another loaf.  It is a dense little loaf but very filling and seems to get eaten quickly!  Be careful, two slices of this bread seems to be the magic number for a full stomach, three slices seems to end in groans as it's too much. Apparently it is the perfect loaf for fruit infused soft cheese which has also disappeared almost as fast as it was bought.

I based my recipe on this one but used only about a dessert spoon of honey, and a dessert spoon of raw sugar and a pinch of salt instead of these quantities:

I'm told it is "just the right amount of honey" but I will let you be the judge of that if you want to experiment with a recipe.  Unfortunately, this inability to complet…

Thermal cooker for weary travelers

Today I managed to make a ridiculously healthy meal for dinner in a thermal cooker.  Other than a egg based pie and poached eggs, I have had limited success until today when I managed a whole hot cooked meal by ignoring the recipes and just following the general rules that seem to work for others.  I found a ten minute rolling boil and two hours cooking worked today.  Reasonable liquid seems to be important too.  It was a vegetarian curry with potatoes.  While passable for dinner it was not exactly the kind of meal to inspire a second helping unless the legs are hollow.

I could not find half the ingredients I wanted because someone else had been on an organising binge. Still, we ate and it was good....enough!  I also made an oat and wheat based bread laced with butter and a little honey.  It is quite a dense little loaf and I am hoping the flavour is larger than its size.  As I can not eat wheat and gluten I will have to wait for a verdict.  For the sheer novelty factor I actually fol…

Shoe shiner story and a house of cards

In the last couple of days, as well as having a look at financial page headlines, and reading articles, I have been updating myself on property market sentiment.  One of the easiest ways to see how market sentiment is going is to read posts on property investment pages.  Another is more obviously to talk to people and attend open homes, and look at property with a local real estate agent you trust and/ or someone who is well established through good and bad property markets.  Additionally staying up to date on sale prices, sales volume for a suburb and rental demand paint a picture of market sentiment.
My current understanding of the present sentiment is that it is showing intense in patches and distress in others.  I do think the market sentiment is beginning to go negative and some key suburbs with traditionally depressed prices are beginning to discount.  It's hit and miss though, some popular suburbs are discounting more than traditionally lower socio economic suburbs that are…

Real estate hits breaks

I think of this part of the following linked article as being a very diplomatic way of suggesting that the Australian housing market is hitting the proverbial fan:
"Properties with features buyers tend not to like, like being on a busy road, south facing or having lots of steps, are taking longer to sell and at lower prices," Mr Cunningham said. "This is basically the market just returning back to normal. It was only in the last few years that almost every type of home was selling well but we're getting back to how it used to be when the best homes got the best prices." Owners of ramshackle Sydney homes have responded to the slowdown by rushing their properties to market in the hope of selling before listing numbers increase even further.
Real estate data shows the number of properties for sale has risen -
Real estate data shows the number of properties for sale has risen - reales...<p>THE number of homes advertised for sale in Sydney has ju…

Rents going down! Sydney

If at first you don't succeed

Today, I saved money by having my offer on a property rejected.  Given the state of the pipes, sewerage and wiring, and the proximity to drinking facilities and a major highway, I may well have dodged a bad investment.  It really does not matter as I can not compete with others in the market.  I am not surprised, but a little bit disappointed.

As much as I liked the house, it was not without flaws and expenses totalling quite a bit in the future even with a bent towards DIY.  It was bigger than I wanted but had great potential with a healthy slice of risk.  Even if my offer was rejected I am glad I tried as it gives me the confidence to do it all over again some time in the future.

This rejected offer gives me the opportunity to learn from the experience.  I discovered, after I made my offer, that closing costs are much higher than I thought.  I did have a buffer in my budget but then would have had to focus on saving up for wiring for the house.  This gives me the option to save wit…

Just paper, a pencil and imagination

Today, spent a boisterous time with nieces playing old fashioned games that only require dashings of patience, paper and a pencil.  I somehow found myself playing two games with two nieces simultaneously which lead to much shouting of "your turn!" but not much arguing between them as they were competing with me, not against each other.  As the only person who seemed to understand battleship on paper and/or had the patience for that kind of activity, I was it.

I actually really enjoyed playing simple games with my nieces and it sure beat some of the other board games I have tried to find enthusiasm for.  Thankfully, I had just the right level of energy for two girls shouting at me, and a big mug of hot tea to keep me going.

I did the bare minimum of housework today and instead of my usual crash and burn, plodded which does help the energy levels.  It also means other people tend to help out if I am a little less helpful.  Actually, I think I tidied toys and forgot to put them…

More 1950 house wife and gardener duties

Just finished my tax return on paper because the online system keeps failing when I use it.  Thankfully I know more than the average but it was a little bit nightmarish.  Send via post tomorrow and hopefully get a little something.
Spent the afternoon cleaning and gardening for someone who is worse off than I am.  I expect my body will dole out some punishment tomorrow.
Dinner and lunch were delicious and made by other people.  It's not so bad working hard when there is an easy meal at the end of it,  
Tough week but glad I was able to help others.  Definitely a pot full of tea day today. Tomorrow might be a bit of a rest day.

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New credit reporting

Know the score: what the new credit reporting system means for you -- shared by Browser

Midweek inspirational reading

Young cancer survivor wants to become a doctor.  Hard to not be impressed with this story:
On the one hand this story is impressive.  On the other, combined with the budget meals in the latest Coles magazine, it's a sign that things are tough for most people and likely to get worse.  Feed your family for one dollar a serve (plus electricity for the freezer and heating to cook).  This method helped this family buy a home:
Some women are spending the amount I live off in most years (saving for a house and paying off HECS), on clothes:
Do not be like everyone else, 25 ways to save money on clothes.  If you do op-shop accept that moth…

Workout like a fifties house wife

Spent two hours scrubbing away mould and grime from areas of the house rarely heated.  It seemed to be an inevitable yearly task.  If the heater was on everyday I guess it would be unnecessary.

Cleaning like a sweating nineteen fifties house wife and then a cup of tea seemed fitting given I am looking at purchasing a 50s house.  I hold a little hope it is possible but know that there is completion out there.  In the meantime, for the moment at least, paying off my University fees is a non starter.

In other exciting news, I have more hard work planned for the rest of the week!  Recent events have taught me to be grateful to be able to do my bit for family and still look after myself and pace myself so I can help another day!

Sunday gratitude

Today I am grateful that I got out of bed with my sense of humour intact.  When I found myself with the only people mad enough to go for a picnic in cold and windy conditions at the park I laughed.  Watching a couple bicker made me giggle.
Yesterday I was grateful I had enough money saved to fix my car and get a new battery.  I was also glad that there was oil stored away from my last car service to top it up.
Tonight I am grateful for soup in my stomach, herbal tea to warm me and a hot water bottle.  My sheepskin slippers and polar fleece continue to keep me warm.
I wore a new brightly coloured necklace today and that helped my mood.  Of course, I find a morning coffee makes a mood boosting difference to my day.

Second hand blue jean optimism

In a fit of determination and optimism, I bought myself a pair of expensive jeans second hand at the op shop for a few dollars.  This would be a fabulous bargain if I could actually fit into the jeans.

Other than jean related madness, I bought myself some lovely new necklaces and tops to cheer my appearance up.  I have definitely taken laid back a little to far to dowdy lately due to stress.  I forget of course that looking well and looking after myself helps keep my spirits up and gives me energy to keep going.

Also had a bath which helped me unwind a little and enjoyed a hot cup of herbal tea.