Ways I served my community today on a shoestring budget

1.  Wrote a email to a politician to inform better policy based on professional experience and expertise.
2.  Mended my jeans a bit more, making them official gardening jeans.  Saved petrol by using what I had to perform the fix.  Rationing my own petrol.
3.  Checked on a sick relative, or three.
4.  Did some basic home maintenance for a sick relative.  Someone will have to fix it properly in the future but this will hold for months if necessary.
5.  Read about how to alter the waist band of jeans and may try later in the week instead of throwing some back to the opshop.  Win (deferred op shop and petrol use), win (no need to buy new jeans) win (learn a new skill)
6.  Kept the home fires burning and rugged up when the heater was off, snuggled a hot water bottle and blanket.
7.  Using a reusable coffee cup giving me a cheap low impact cafe experience without going anywhere.
8.  Ate mainly vegetable, a little yogurt and milk infused tea.  Walked and did light weights and the odd stomach crunch. Staying as fit as I can, on a shoestring, means I can be of more help than if I was less fit and it keeps me sane.  The difficulty is that I often crash after exercise that is too much for my body that day.  Gentle exercise reduces the risk and severity of the crash to a certain extent.  
9.  Forgot to put the rubbish out this week but hardly had any so it can wait.  Less going to landfill.  
10.  Composted my tea leaves and coffee grounds and ash that was wet and cold.  Not composting food scraps at the moment due to built up area pest concerns.

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