Today I saved

To stay on track with the finances, I:

  1. Tended some plants and I am hoping they perk up soon
  2. Drank home made green tea 
  3. Discovered that adding iodine to coffee, while not recommended as it may reduce absorption, takes away the taste.  I still notice the benefit so I am not worried.
  4. Ate home made fries, yogurt and chilli sauce for an easy lunch.
  5. Cleaned and tidied as I went ( good for mental health)
  6. Rugged up in thermal and polar fleece and went for a walk
  7. Trimmed my hair and gave myself a French clay mask and facial (10 cents or so)
  8. Figured out how to clean heater and got it working again.
  9. Slept well last night due to outdoor work induced exhaution.
  10. Had a look at another house but am hesitant about living close to a factory industrial zoned area.  Price is still out of my range, way out!
  11. Still researching DIY and determined " quite determined" in fact!
  12. Did back exercises and can avoid the doctor and physiotherapist by doing exercises I was taught years ago.  No pain killers either but I was in agony, not sure I would recommend that 😁

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