Third cup of coffee

On my third cup of coffee to alleviate my aching muscles from gardening and handy woman duties.  Thankfully, I managed to figure out quite a bit and avoid calling a trades professional today.  One will have to be called in the long run, but thanks to my basic knowledge of home maintenance I know who to call, and why to call them which will minimise spending.

I spent my morning in old clothes, wishing for a shower, attending to housing practicalities.  Having a shower feels like a luxury when you are covered in sweat and dirt.

Saving account in check today by:

  1. Home made coffee
  2. Peppermint tea and fresh air again
  3. Handy woman duties and a walk for cheap exercise regime
  4. Used my keep cup which is made of cheerful colours, good for the environment and cheers me up
  5. Heart breaking news headlines today, another good reason to hit the coffee
  6. Drawing in visual art diary with noise blaring to distract from noisy traffic
  7. Fresh flowers picked from garden
  8. Sent feedback to retailer (low cost, makes the world better, and keeps me happy which is good for business)

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