Second cup coffee, reindeer spotting and plant rescue

On my second cup of coffee today, my reward for spending hours in the garden trying to save plants that look dead.  After what felt like no longer than an hour of focussed activity I checked my watch and was shocked at the time.  My body can feel the affects and my nails could do with some attention.

As I am typing this on an iPad set up to charge I have recousitioned a high chair currently being unused as a tiny iPad station.  Making do and iPads rarely feature in the same sentence, surely?  As it is a different spot to normal, I noticed that the reindeer decoration from Christmas is still merrily chewing the foliage.  I guess I am getting ready for Christmas early?  The weather is decidedly chilly at the minute and a traditional turkey dinner does make sense in this weather.

I will leave commentary on recent events to others who are closer by.  There must be so many heart broken families and even miles away these attacks on civilians leave a mark.  I drink more coffee when these things happen and avoid shopping centres, cafes and anywhere popular even more than normal.  While this avoidance is good for my savings account and online retailers, it is not good for business broadly.

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