Savings diary of winter - ways to stay warm

This winter seems particularly cold here in Tasmania and it is still early days.  Admittedly, one thing I need to do, along with most other thyroid patients, is adjust my medications if needed.  Anyone who is complaining of always being cold should talk to their GP about being tested for thyroid disease too.

I have noticed people dealing with high power bills seems to be a concern across the board.  These tips may help you manage your bill:

1) Check your power providers website for energy efficiency tips.  Aurora energy have some helpful resources.
2)  Make sure you have efficient appliances and modern heaters.
3). Clean out your heater's filter.  Aurora recommends weekly which shocked me as I thought quarterly was generous.  I believe weekly is for daily users.
4)  Install insulation if you own your home, it makes such a difference.
5). For renters, you may be able to install thick curtains or use blankets on windows at night, and draft excluders to keep heat in.
6). I prefer hot water bottles to electric blankets.  But if you use electric blankets, you can heat the bed up and switch it off before getting in bed.  Turn off the heater at night and rug up the bed.  Add quilts/ blanket/ hot water bottle or electric blanket.
7). I snuggle up with a hot water bottle and blanket when I am watching TV and when typing too.
8). Buy a quality polar fleece, thermals, slippers and a warm coat for outside walks.  You might want to consider a warm dressing gown instead of, or as well as, a blanket.
9). Going for a walk helps warm me up but you probably do not want to walk all day!
10) This is not frugal exactly, but a cat sitting on your lap will keep you quite warm and the local cat home in Hobart is quite desperate for adoption places.  The frugal alternative would be to foster cats but the skill would be in giving them up!
11) Make sure up you are warm enough.  Older people in particular and those who are sick with pneumonia will likely need to spend a bit more on heating.  Buy the best heating you can afford and consider buying the most modern, well designed house you can afford as they tend to warmer to live in.

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