More contentment on a budget

Contentment today reached by:

  1. A walk in winter sunshine
  2. Switched off the television again because it kept on insisting I needed things I do not want, or indeed need.
  3. Slept in for an extra hour ( zero electricity while snoozing)
  4. Wrote daily goals in my diary and spending to stay on track
  5. Contemplating who to send a donation to this week ( charity )
  6. Bought a visual arts diary and some new art quality pencils.  A bit of money in short term but a cheap hobby in long run and will use to make cheap cards.
  7. Watched a short film about tiny home construction which was entirely inspiring.
  8. Drinking peppermint tea in my colourful keep cup.
  9. Keeping my feet warm in my sheepskin slippers.
  10. Snuggling hot water bottle and thermal, going to bed early rather than switch heater on again.

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