Low cost ways to recuperate and manage illness

Clearly I have been pushing my body and it is not happy with me today.  So things I did today to try and get things to a far more managable level for low cost:

  1. Made myself have a quiet morning
  2. Found the best spot for privacy and sunshine and took an easy read book and hot cup of coffee there.
  3. No gardening and minimal house work.  I will have to do a little tomorrow.
  4. My normal regime of supplements.
  5. Could not face food this morning but as soon as I could eat I ate nutrient dense, easy to prepare food.  Fruit seems to help me recover.
  6. Herbal tea for my after dinner treat and light television with a quick look at the news.
  7. As I normally keep on top of house work, I can take today off except for things that must be done.  
  8. Did not sleep well last night and am hoping to get a good night's sleep.  Due to upset animal.  If not, I will listen to music or watch something funny and aim for a few hours sleep.

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