How I saved for a modest suburban abode

Today, I worked towards my goal of a small, practical house I can make onto a home with a little money and lots of sweat, by:

1.  Cleaning the shower (saving on paid staff, tempting!)
2.  Made simple pumpkin soup with garlic, pumpkin, curry powder, coconut cream and a little water ( cheap and easy meals)
3.  Did outside work and saved on gardener and gym fees!
4.  Figured out how to fix a broom with someone, will need to use their tool but should cost nothing much.
5.  Piled on blankets on bed and let fire go out, saving on fuel and may be safer too.
6.  Drinking hot, home made cheap drinks instead of going out and more expensive drinks.  It helps keep me warm.
7.  It feels like slippery roads and snow on mountain tomorrow so I made sure I got some sunshine today too in my new zero cost winter sun trap and coffee spot.  Lovely and private.
8.  Close curtains as it gets dark to keep the heat in.

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