Dear saving diary

Kept expenses down so far today by:

  1. Bringing down a few days worth of fire wood.
  2. Bringing inside a days worth of fire wood
  3. Picked fruit that was green so stewing ready for jam making, or just adding a little sugar and adding to yogurt
  4. Made one litre of yogurt
  5. Made dog friendly rice porridge with leftovers
  6. Ordered groceries online to keep life simple and petrol prices low.  Seems to generally work for me if I shop once a fortnight online.
  7. More garden maintence for a free and productive workout
  8. Cleaned my floor for free
  9. Drinking hot drinks, wearing slippers and mended jeans.  Good for body, soul and bank balance.  Slippers helping heal chill-Blains.
  10. Allowed myself some treats this shop to keep frugal winter blues in check.

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