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Hot water bottle, cup of tea and scrambled eggs

Just ate the first proper meal today due to appetite being a little off.  Seem to have been struck down by what I hope will be a minor virus.  Complicated by chronic fatigue symptoms.  Zinc supplement with honey and lemon herbal tea seems to have knocked it on the head.

Drinking one of my all time favourite black flavoured teas, black tea with berry notes, lovely!

It's a bit cold in Hobart so I am cuddling a hot water bottle and dreaming of warmer weather!  Had a few rough days lately.  When able I have been keeping up some kind of art and looking after people and pets.

Mini spring clean

I'm so tired I can not be bothered with feeding myself properly!  Soon dinner will be made but in between due to exhaustion I am nibbling on fruit and carrot sticks with the odd bit of protein added.
Today I managed to: moved more fire wood than I would have thought possible organised and fixed a few storage containers cleaned tilesswept and tidied gardendusted and tidied inside If I sound like a paragon, I took a while getting going today.  Drank coffee and spent time reading the paper and soaking up winter sunshine before making myself go for a walk and clear my head.  Chicken thawing as I type, sheets in the washing and another load drying.

Save a space

Ways to cheer up a space without spending too much money or time:

☕️Cheerful and colourful mugs
🐚Doona or quilt with patterns that put a smile on your face
📒Books, cards, art you love
🛍Beautiful coffee machine and or tea pot.  Alternatively, beautiful tea tin.
🍓🍊🍐Fruit and fruit bowl
🌻🌿🍀Flowers and/ leaves in a vase

Sunshine, rain and snow

Someone needs to explain to me why I am so exhausted from gardening but unlikely to lose any weight as a result of moving two wheelbarrow loads of wood, clipping a bush and vine, sweeping up after sneaky birds and generally tidying up!  I would whine further but I am too worn out.
I made pumpkin soup for when I feel like eating something but cooking nothing.  Some of the pumpkin I cooked initially became a sweet pumpkin pie type dessert.
Off to check my bank account details.  I do wonder why I bother saving sometimes when money unspent seems to often be a easy target for governments, which is why I want it in modest property and save the government the expense of providing me with one!

Dear Savings Diary

Dear Savings diary,
Today to keep my finances in order and stay healthy and sane I: 🍴Got my groceries delivered.  So much easier and no petrol spent (small delivery fee).  Online shopping helps keep to a reasonable budget with the odd treat. 💰Being artistic playing around with designs, no money in it probably but cheap way to process and change mood for the better.  Can make cards.  May prove expensive, sudden urge to spend big on art supplies I am trying to suppress. 🍁Tidied up Autumn leaves and added to compost pile. ☃Two wheelbarrows full of wood brought down to keep home fires burning. 🍄Back to taking turmeric to try and help manage arthritis in back and autoimmunity in general.

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A hide under quilt day

I would like to title this as " having a doona day " but I am not quite sure that would resonate with some of my readers.  Quilt strikes me as universal, even if sinking into a doona is far more comforting imagery.

I am having a bit of day, having an offline thyroid is doing nothing good for my general health.  Things I have done to try and cheer my cotton socks and still keep to a budget:

Wore cheerful, low cost, dotty socks! 🎀Stayed in bed an extra hour and hid under my doona🛌⏰Two cups of coffee ☕️My thyroid is offline still, so bought more strong zinc supplement because medication is having a limited affectLooked at real estate and felt demoralised but have just given up looking today.  Next week, will look again.  Best get better first.🏠💊Spent time soaking up sunshine.🌥⛱Watered potted plants.🌾Pictures on iPad to help tell my story always help me cheer a little 🎎📝❤️Counting blessings.  Lucky to have a roof over my head and food in my stomach. I might not feel secur…

Saving diary

Today, finances on track:1.  Ordered groceries online 2.  More handy woman duties 3.  Thyroid still offline, waiting for it to improve with medication and TLC 4.  Snuggling hot water bottle, wool blanket, slippers and following own advice 5.  Feeling disheartened but no one got anywhere giving up 6.  Ate home made food and beverages all day  7.  Gentle day in garden, just watering Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

Third cup of coffee

On my third cup of coffee to alleviate my aching muscles from gardening and handy woman duties.  Thankfully, I managed to figure out quite a bit and avoid calling a trades professional today.  One will have to be called in the long run, but thanks to my basic knowledge of home maintenance I know who to call, and why to call them which will minimise spending.

I spent my morning in old clothes, wishing for a shower, attending to housing practicalities.  Having a shower feels like a luxury when you are covered in sweat and dirt.

Saving account in check today by:

Home made coffeePeppermint tea and fresh air againHandy woman duties and a walk for cheap exercise regimeUsed my keep cup which is made of cheerful colours, good for the environment and cheers me upHeart breaking news headlines today, another good reason to hit the coffeeDrawing in visual art diary with noise blaring to distract from noisy trafficFresh flowers picked from gardenSent feedback to retailer (low cost, makes the worl…

More contentment on a budget

Contentment today reached by:

A walk in winter sunshineSwitched off the television again because it kept on insisting I needed things I do not want, or indeed need.Slept in for an extra hour ( zero electricity while snoozing)Wrote daily goals in my diary and spending to stay on trackContemplating who to send a donation to this week ( charity )Bought a visual arts diary and some new art quality pencils.  A bit of money in short term but a cheap hobby in long run and will use to make cheap cards.Watched a short film about tiny home construction which was entirely inspiring.Drinking peppermint tea in my colourful keep cup.Keeping my feet warm in my sheepskin slippers.Snuggling hot water bottle and thermal, going to bed early rather than switch heater on again.

Qatar owns UK assets?

The crisis in Qatar has come at a terrible time for the UK -- shared by Browser

Contentment on a shoestring

Increased contentment the last couple of days, for low cost, by:🌻Planting some cacti that were my fresh flower substitute for the last fortnight.  They were telling me they needed some time in the outdoors. ☕️Herbal and quiet time this morning reading a good book ⛱Home made cappucino in a hammock, rugged up and soaking up winter sun ⏰Early morning Eco alarm clock, "woof!woof!" 🎼Less time online and watching television, listening to more radio and music 🎨More time being artistic and calmer 🍝A healthy appetite back which is lovely!

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Savings diary of winter - ways to stay warm

This winter seems particularly cold here in Tasmania and it is still early days.  Admittedly, one thing I need to do, along with most other thyroid patients, is adjust my medications if needed.  Anyone who is complaining of always being cold should talk to their GP about being tested for thyroid disease too.

I have noticed people dealing with high power bills seems to be a concern across the board.  These tips may help you manage your bill:

1) Check your power providers website for energy efficiency tips.  Aurora energy have some helpful resources.
2)  Make sure you have efficient appliances and modern heaters.
3). Clean out your heater's filter.  Aurora recommends weekly which shocked me as I thought quarterly was generous.  I believe weekly is for daily users.
4)  Install insulation if you own your home, it makes such a difference.
5). For renters, you may be able to install thick curtains or use blankets on windows at night, and draft excluders to keep heat in.
6). I prefer hot…

Thyroid goes AWOL again

*Sigh*. My thyroid went offline today in a big way.  Went from managing it without anything other than supplements to hyper for a day or so ( not much sleep last couple nights) to seriously hypothyroid today.  I swear I put on a puffy face and two dress sizes on my stomach in about four hours.  Oh well, I knew that going back on thyrpid hormones was a possibility even if things online have fascinated and scared me of late.  Can be worse without. Will hopefully feel much better in two to three days.  Waking up freezing in a thermal, doona and blankets was also a clue even if it was genuinely cold this morning.  Beautiful sunshine filled winter day today, actually managed to get burnt!  Oops, but least of my worries.

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Today I saved

To stay on track with the finances, I:

Tended some plants and I am hoping they perk up soonDrank home made green tea Discovered that adding iodine to coffee, while not recommended as it may reduce absorption, takes away the taste.  I still notice the benefit so I am not worried.Ate home made fries, yogurt and chilli sauce for an easy lunch.Cleaned and tidied as I went ( good for mental health)Rugged up in thermal and polar fleece and went for a walkTrimmed my hair and gave myself a French clay mask and facial (10 cents or so)Figured out how to clean heater and got it working again.Slept well last night due to outdoor work induced exhaution.Had a look at another house but am hesitant about living close to a factory industrial zoned area.  Price is still out of my range, way out!Still researching DIY and determined " quite determined" in fact!Did back exercises and can avoid the doctor and physiotherapist by doing exercises I was taught years ago.  No pain killers either but I …

Home loan market down

Home loan approvals defy an expected reduction of 1% by analysts and instead drop 1.9 %.  Investor approval is dropping faster year to date than owner occupier approvals.  It would appear than APRA measures and changes in retirement benefit allocations as well as interest rate rises and greater scrutiny of banks are having an affect.

Relatively minor changes to negative gearing may be biting too.  Additionally, a financially constrained younger generation with lowered benefits for parents, particularly single parents, should slow growth over the long term.  Contrary to popular opinion, the new money and long term power, if investors are lent to responsibly and there is intelligent welfare reform for superannuation, lies with us.

Home loan approvals fell 1.9% in April

How I saved for a modest suburban abode

Today, I worked towards my goal of a small, practical house I can make onto a home with a little money and lots of sweat, by:
1.  Cleaning the shower (saving on paid staff, tempting!) 2.  Made simple pumpkin soup with garlic, pumpkin, curry powder, coconut cream and a little water ( cheap and easy meals) 3.  Did outside work and saved on gardener and gym fees! 4.  Figured out how to fix a broom with someone, will need to use their tool but should cost nothing much. 5.  Piled on blankets on bed and let fire go out, saving on fuel and may be safer too. 6.  Drinking hot, home made cheap drinks instead of going out and more expensive drinks.  It helps keep me warm. 7.  It feels like slippery roads and snow on mountain tomorrow so I made sure I got some sunshine today too in my new zero cost winter sun trap and coffee spot.  Lovely and private. 8.  Close curtains as it gets dark to keep the heat in.
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Low cost ways to recuperate and manage illness

Clearly I have been pushing my body and it is not happy with me today.  So things I did today to try and get things to a far more managable level for low cost:

Made myself have a quiet morningFound the best spot for privacy and sunshine and took an easy read book and hot cup of coffee there.No gardening and minimal house work.  I will have to do a little tomorrow.My normal regime of supplements.Could not face food this morning but as soon as I could eat I ate nutrient dense, easy to prepare food.  Fruit seems to help me recover.Herbal tea for my after dinner treat and light television with a quick look at the news.As I normally keep on top of house work, I can take today off except for things that must be done.  Did not sleep well last night and am hoping to get a good night's sleep.  Due to upset animal.  If not, I will listen to music or watch something funny and aim for a few hours sleep.

Dear saving diary

Kept expenses down so far today by:

Bringing down a few days worth of fire wood.Bringing inside a days worth of fire woodPicked fruit that was green so stewing ready for jam making, or just adding a little sugar and adding to yogurtMade one litre of yogurtMade dog friendly rice porridge with leftoversOrdered groceries online to keep life simple and petrol prices low.  Seems to generally work for me if I shop once a fortnight online.More garden maintence for a free and productive workoutCleaned my floor for freeDrinking hot drinks, wearing slippers and mended jeans.  Good for body, soul and bank balance.  Slippers helping heal chill-Blains.Allowed myself some treats this shop to keep frugal winter blues in check.

Second cup coffee, reindeer spotting and plant rescue

On my second cup of coffee today, my reward for spending hours in the garden trying to save plants that look dead.  After what felt like no longer than an hour of focussed activity I checked my watch and was shocked at the time.  My body can feel the affects and my nails could do with some attention.
As I am typing this on an iPad set up to charge I have recousitioned a high chair currently being unused as a tiny iPad station.  Making do and iPads rarely feature in the same sentence, surely?  As it is a different spot to normal, I noticed that the reindeer decoration from Christmas is still merrily chewing the foliage.  I guess I am getting ready for Christmas early?  The weather is decidedly chilly at the minute and a traditional turkey dinner does make sense in this weather.
I will leave commentary on recent events to others who are closer by.  There must be so many heart broken families and even miles away these attacks on civilians leave a mark.  I drink more coffee when these thi…

"Another glamor filled singleton day" she muttered sarcastically

As I type I am struggling due to sheer physical exhaustion.  I do love a garden but my goodness me they are a lot of blood, sweat and tears to make them look low maintenance.  Any garden full of plants is pretty well guaranteed to not be low maintenance.
Still, despite aching all over, it truely was a beatiful Autumn day.  The jury is out as to whether I should have devoted a significant chunk to gardening but it beats looking at houses and shopping for stuff I don't need.  Someone has to do it and that someone is me.
Chickpeas are cooking on the stove and I am drinking tea and munching popcorn made last night.  Cheap and cheerful.
There will no guilt falling asleep in front of the television tonight.

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Ways I served my community today on a shoestring budget

1.  Wrote a email to a politician to inform better policy based on professional experience and expertise.2.  Mended my jeans a bit more, making them official gardening jeans.  Saved petrol by using what I had to perform the fix.  Rationing my own petrol. 3.  Checked on a sick relative, or three. 4.  Did some basic home maintenance for a sick relative.  Someone will have to fix it properly in the future but this will hold for months if necessary. 5.  Read about how to alter the waist band of jeans and may try later in the week instead of throwing some back to the opshop.  Win (deferred op shop and petrol use), win (no need to buy new jeans) win (learn a new skill) 6.  Kept the home fires burning and rugged up when the heater was off, snuggled a hot water bottle and blanket. 7.  Using a reusable coffee cup giving me a cheap low impact cafe experience without going anywhere. 8.  Ate mainly vegetable, a little yogurt and milk infused tea.  Walked and did light weights and the odd stomach crunch…