With great passion comes little responsibility?

I did have a fabulous opening line, to be typed here, before this computer had a fit again.  For some reason Internet Explorer can not cope with me doing web based email at the moment.  After a good shout at the computer, the line has gone from my head.  Here is hoping it is to do with browser I used.  Now I am trying Chrome which can also be slow but is currently behaving itself.

As a general rule, I do not give out free business advice to anyone.  My mum is an exception, and it's not really free, because she is always doing something for me.  I just spoke with The Head Gardener (my mum) and she was not thrilled that my inspired marketing advice involved work.  The Head Gardener hung up after an amiable groan at me on the phone.  

If there is ever a lady that knows that hard work, knowledge and dedication are the keys to get anywhere it's The Head Gardener.  Others in the early glow of business enthusiasm are less well informed.  It remains unfortunately true that sustainable profitable business requires more than passion and creativity. 

Here's the argument against the idea that business, or enterprise generally, is all about passion and creativity, think of a kindergarten full of healthy children.  Most kindergarten children are full of joie de vivre and creativity but no business acumen.  I must say though, that the average kindergarten child in their mock supermarket could teach the average "customer service specialist" a thing, or five!

Why is it that when sifting through resumes, and speaking with people, that it is always those who are passionate about customer service who have the least experience in providing it?  My observation is that with great work place proclamation of passion comes an inverse relationship with qualifications and experience!

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