Ways I served my community today on a shoestring

  1. Rang my Mum mid morning because I knew she had a rough night.  Checked she was alright.
  2. Decided she sounded too upset.
  3. Cancelled appointments for Mum
  4. Visited Mum and cheered her up as best I could.  Left her saner than I found her.
  5. Podded some peas while talking.
  6. Sorted out some online research and shopping for a quality item for a possible future budget get away for Mum.
  7. Did some administration for Mum and used my business brain to the benefit of others.
  8. Sent an email to check on someone else's welfare and stay in touch.
  9. Decided that any property needs to be close by to family as they are my priority and I can be of help if within reasonable driving distance 
  10. Decided to focus on taking one day at a time and to give this problem the weight it deserves (not much as I have a roof over my head today and hopefully for a while yet if needed).
  11. Remembering that I can move the world without a house.  After all, the president of the USA lives in a tempoary accommodation situation with lots of other people around and look what they get done!
  12. Drew on first aid training but thankfully it was not needed.  Good refresher course in the basics.
  13. Drinking herbal tea and eating nutritious food.  Good for brain focus and stability.
  14. Came home to a nasty note and referred the matter on professionally to the relevant bodies.
  15. Spoke to my neighbours who are strangers but behaving more like family than some of my family.
  16. Ditto, yesterday I made a life long friend with a catalogue delivery manager.  

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