Ways I saved for a slice of suburbia today

Today, to save for my slice of suburbia, I:

  1. I stayed in the area and used zero petrol
  2. Ate cheap, simple to prepare food: rice and vegetable frittata; risotto; popcorn; home made coffee; herbal tea.
  3. Rugged up and went walking in chilly temperatures when I felt a dose of cabin fever.
  4. Quick clean and tidy up.
  5. Made a small batch of rose petal and apple jam.
  6. Decorated jam jars with pretty paper instead of buying labels.
  7. Extra risotto ready for tomorrow's brunch.
  8. Hot water bottle on my back helps with pain and any discomfort.
  9. Researched more property and their unique details.
  10. Went through catalogs and selected weekly specials of staples.
  11. Made little tubs of frozen yogurt and homemade jam for a ice cream substitute.
  12. Added to my shopping list.
  13. Watered pot plants.
  14. Put on load of washing.
  15. Folded up load of washing that dried inside while it poured and stormed outside.

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