Today I am grateful

Today I am grateful that:
🐶 I am safe and have the company of people and animals.  I fear a friendly spider has moved in, but if it stays living in the sliding door gap, it will likely have a good life expectancy.  Lizards are gently, and swiftly, shown the garden!

🤕 I might have been quite unwell lately but it is not life threatening and I am managing to be reasonably productive.  I am grateful I can rest.

🌿 I am grateful for gardens to enjoy even if they are not mine.
🍏 I am grateful for simple healthy food.  Today, I was especially grateful for leftovers that I could easily prepare as I went out to do some errands and was exhausted when I came back.

🚙 I am grateful for my second hand car that is reliable, safe and unpretentious.
🏡 I am grateful for a roof over my head.  At the moment any property remotely in my price range is a bit of a disaster so I am grateful I have somewhere safe to live.
😄 For friendly and kind strangers.  Someone being kind really can get us all through a rough week.

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