Status update: off Yaz and Levlen month 2

I just realised this is month two off BCP and thyroid medication.  I am coping much better than last month.  My weight is in the healthy range but is still a little heavy for my frame.

My premenstrual nausea was a few hours and relatively mild.  My appetite has at times been low but that probably has to do with eating a little late in the day from time to time.  I am eating enough calories.  Cramping is pretty low pain and rare, and this is the best cycle I have ever had so far ( days in).

I am still taking a reasonable dose of loguls iodine, 2 drops per day diluted in water on average, up to 6.  Still taking multivitamin, a zinc and iron tablet occasionally and B12 to deal with chronic anemia and B12 deficiencies due to Coeliac.  Taking selenium to help manage thyroid disease.  Occasionally taking a adrenal extract to help manage chronic fatigue.

Mentally and emotionally the depressive type symptoms that I could subscribe to pill have gone.  Probably still feel vulnerable pre menstrually but it is managable for the first time in my life.  Still have PTSD type symptoms due to fear of going through what I used to but they are manageable and I doubt they will ever leave but remain managable.  Will seek help if they get bad again.

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