Soup and pie

Today, thanks to The Head Gardener I added turnip seedlings to my container garden just before the sun went down.  It is the perfect weather for Christmas pudding and hot chocolate.

Thankfully, the weather is also chilled enough for potato, leek and free bacon soup.  I was going to make the soup minus bacon but the head gardener offered bacon so I added that to my food offering.  I do love bacon in leek and potatoe soup.  As it was, being inspired to make soup with potatoe worked out very well as my eked out spuds were quietly beginning to go off.

Soup was dinner last night with a couple of portions of leftovers.  Now I am well on my way to making a frugal meat and vegetable pie which will be topped with roasted pumpkin purée and gluten free flour.  The only flaw in frugal cooking are the dishes I create sometimes!  Still, leftovers in the freezer make for easy meals at low expense in the future!  My onion jam worked out wonderfully, well worth trying to make.

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