Recession signs

Signs of impending recession that I have noticed in the last six months.  According to the Australian Financial Review this week consumers in the last quarter are on a buying strike, so if next quarter shows negative spending too we are officially in trouble.  In the meantime, I have noticed:

  1. This one is very recent, a massive up take in families walking together.  Cheap recreation.  Last two weeks this has noticably and dramatically increased.
  2. Easier to get parking and fewer shoppers in major shopping centres.
  3. Regional shops with national brands shutting down.
  4. Popular stores staying in area but downsizing store.
  5. For lease signs outside business premises.
  6. Reduction in housing prices.
  7. Bank sales increasing.
  8. Reduced spending in cafes.
  9. Land for sale in some areas, was $40 k, now "negotiatible".
  10. Rural property and outskirts getting cheaper, some markets have peaked.  One area similar house sold for 270k six months ago, better house with waterview a couple of kms away now 190k.

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