Rainy Saturday Reading

There are record rainfalls forecast for much of my state.  Thankfully, where I am we are just likely to get enough rain for a duck who feels like a walk but not enough to cause too much fuss.  In the north and east of the state the emergency services are on red hot alert.  I do hope they can stay inside and drink hot beverages and everyone stays safe.

In the meantime, while the clouds are grey and they think about doing more than spitting rain at me in contempt, I have the home fire burning cheerily and I am onto my second cup of coffee.  As I type, one saucepan is bubbling away into chicken stock and another is the beginnings of vegetable with perhaps chicken soup.  It just depends how it evolves and how the thing tastes.

Some rainy weekend reading picks for you-

Sweet potato & rosemary soup recipe:

Rosemary chicken noodle soup:

Corn chowder:

Sweet corn soup recipe:

For those of you with a house, seven reasons to love the one you have:

This article is also from thesimpledollar.com but it's too good to not share.  It's about strategies to make frugal an automated way of life:

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