Onion jam

Today, in what I can only imagine was a moment of frugal inspiration I managed to make what appeared to be a potential new generation antibiotic and curdled off milk.  I was aiming for beautiful greek style yogurt. 
If you have even a cursory understanding of food safety you will be relieved to discover that my mistaken yogurt was thrown out.  I've been managing to make yogurt for a few weeks from yogurt and milk.  I do not know what has been going on but the last couple of times I have tried to make yogurt it has been an unmitigated disaster.

Buying a bit more yogurt certainly will not hurt my bottom line after making it from scratch for a few weeks!  As I type, I have onion and apple jam brewing on the stove top and basic oat cakes that will make up my dinner with chicken leftovers.  In the freezer is gravy and chicken left over from a roast and a carcass from a roast ready for soup making. 

I have made my onion jam from onions, apple, lemon juice, water, sugar and will taste when set and see whether it needs salt.  Fresh thyme as one of the below recipes suggest would be lovely.  As mine is not yet complete, I will hold off on a recipe but for those interested here are some by others:

Coles website's caramelised onion jam:

Claire K's recipe and ruminations:

Suburban Tomato's musings and recipe:

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