One pot wonder

I'm not quite feeling at my most fabulous due to a bit of cold virus.  At this point, I am interested in minimum work, maximum nutrition, edible, dinner.  
This approach is not about to become a leading program on any television network but it's an easy way to get to eat.

Tonight, I placed some raw basmati rice, some mince, pumpkin soup, vegetables I chopped up, soy and chilli sauces and let simmer in the oven in a pyrex dish until cooked.  Given the cool autumn weather and my current aversion to dishes, this really was an easy, tasty budget meal.  I'm not sure I would get away with this level of cooking with anyone else but it's nice to take it easy sometimes and not worry about frills.  I guess you could chop up some greens and pretty it up but I was too tired.

The other good thing about this approach is that it's an easy way to use up groceries and avoid supermarkets!

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