Niggles in the budget

Today, between pottering around and deliberate rest, I spent a little more time looking at the budget detail.  I have some concerns.  I am not sure about extending the mutual obligation requirements of 30 to 49 year olds for unemployment benefits from 30 to 50 hours per fortnight but understand the reasoning behind it.  This seems a little excessive to my mind for responsible types.  Then again, if delivered intelligently with flexibility it could be beneficial.

I am not thrilled by University fee increases however a demand driven model makes this inevitable.  Students need to figure out whether they want downward pressure on fees, or higher fees with historical ease of entry.  Personally, I would scrap the demand driven model.

I do support an intelligent approach to illicit drug testing that includes supporting mental health in people using drugs for PTSD.  The proposed drug testing regime looks like it strikes a smart balance.

It is good to see funding for Meals And Wheels and support for aged independent living programs.  I do support the full funding of the NDIS but I am not sure that it currently serves those with a disability as best it can.  I fear there is a lot of waste in the current system.

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