Morale boosting mock raspberry jam

I accidentally stumbled across a recipe for a mock raspberry jam from the ingredients I had on hand.  It comes out a lovely jewel tone with just a hint of rose.

  • one cooking apple
  • the juice of one to two lemons (I only had bottled lemon juice - added about one tablespoon)
  • a medium sized carrot
  • three large rose's rose fresh red petals
  • water (a teaspoon of left over earl grey from last night's pot too)
  • same amount of sugar as cooked up fruit. (I used around one and a half cups of sugar)

I washed, diced and added everything except the sugar to a saucepan and simmered until soft.  Then I whizzed the mix up with a stick blender while keeping some texture (reminiscent of raspberry jam texture).  If you had no, to low, electricity you could use a non electric food strainer.  Then I added the sugar and brought to a gentle boil, constantly stirring, until set (a few minutes).

I'm now a bit knackered as I decided to make this after bringing down a week's worth of fire wood ready to keep the home fires burning.  I made sure the wood was fixed before I had my coffee so I am drinking that now.  For some reason, I decided to make the jam before coffee too which really was pushing things.

The dishes need doing but I thought I would share this with you before I forgot the recipe!  It is such a beautiful colour and tastes as close to raspberry without raspberry that I can imagine. I badly needed some jam and this will be good sweet and added to savoury meat based dishes.  Would be delightful with scones!  You could even make mock cream if you wanted some more avoidance of super market activity to indulge in!

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