Make Jam While The Pennies Shine

Written Monday night (8th May, 2017)

With the Australian Federal budget about to be released, and fruit prices likely to increase due to cyclone damage, now is the time to look to the past to save present pennies!  Like many, I live in hope of sense in the budget but am bracing for the worst and putting away some jam.

Even at my most disciplined I struggle with impulse buying in grocery stores.  Often the easiest way to keep that at bay is to avoid shops as much as practicable.  The other thing I aim to do, but generally fail at, is to write a list and stick to it.  I was happy to manage to buy two of the three items I wanted the other day from the store and not a thing else (wanted: pure butter; honey; popcorn.  Refused to buy canola oil added butter so making my tiny stash of butter stretch unnaturally).  I actually managed to enjoy my tiny shop on the way to enjoying a cuppa with a friend.  It just goes to show that I can change and save money along the way!  Now I just need to work on my op shop impulse buying!

To help you stick to your grocery budget, here are some articles to read:

1) I am thinking about making a gluten free version of these pumpkin scones, using olive oil to stretch out my butter ration:

2) These look amazing and could be easily made gluten free.  Trust the Scottish to make potatoes sing:

3) Jamie Oliver's recipe for Potato scones:

4) Mock cream of tomato soup recipe:

5) The joy of old cook books:

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