Little Miss Spoilt?

On occasion, much to my utter indignation, words amounting to my life being easy and glamorous due to my single status, working and being man free have been lobbed my way.  Firstly, before I write the following, I am not bitter because I do not have children as I know it is not a walk in the park.  I am glad when I see happy families full of laughter and tantrums (and that's just the adults).  Also, I believe family's should be provided with reasonable support, as should everyone who needs it in a civil society.

My point of this post is that my life is not easier necessarily but different.  For example, when I felt I was well enough to work I basically trudged along and due to low wages and lack of job security, combined with my living unit of one, found paying for rent and buying a house an impossibility.  Even sharing a house with strangers is no longer an affordable option.  I would say it is no longer an enjoyable option but that's generally always been the case unless you luck out and find the right people and location.

Secondly, if you do find yourself without a job and a unit of one there is no to little financial support.  If you want to learn ultimate frugal tips ask those who have survived on single student or unemployment benefits.  Realistically, you soon learn that survival means being smart, cutting costs and finding somewhere cheap to live.  For most people, affordable means living with family which must be impossible for many and difficult for most.  Hopefully we will see more public housing built which takes some stress off, though traditionally that went to family units first anyway.  I believe in Tasmania that recently changed to a needs based rather than family circumstances basis which means those on lower government payments, such as students, should take priority over those able to pay private rent.

Thirdly, my days in the work force, or even in higher learning, were low paid high sweat equity and today though out of it due to health issues my time is still spent working on some level.  I lack the money and ethics to waste money as a general rule.  I am ever more determined to do what I can to buy my own little abode though the opportunity often feels impossible.  I want to know that if I don't get there at least I tried.

Today for example I spent quite a bit of time in the garden weeding, tidying up, watering and tending to plants while we had a beautiful warm day breaking up otherwise freezing weather.  There's nothing glamorous about a sweat drenched shirt, an aching back and body and exhaustion.  Though, I will enjoy the kale I picked even more because I don't have to go to the supermarket to buy it!

In the past week I ate so much soup that I could eat no more and made myself some highly nutritious muffins and rice and veg for variety.  I'm not hungry and for that I am grateful but it is hardly living the high life.

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