Half awake on instant mud

Yesterday afternoon I could feel, despite plenty of rest, that my body was going to do a pretty full on chronic fatigue crash.  I managed to do a couple of small jobs before collapsing on sofa and falling asleep for a few hours.  After an hour or two of that, I went to bed and slept until late this morning other than getting up early to attend to animals.  So when I finally opened the newspaper and saw the headlines, I was bemused to see that today is some kind of world chronic fatigue day.  Yes, I am yet to read the article properly but you must admit there is a certain amount of irony involved in all that!  

The hours I have been vaguely awake today have involved drinking hot instant coffee, cuddling a hot water bottle, resting and the odd potter about.  I finally got the wood heater going and I am thawing the house out.  I've decided that having the wood heater on during the day, even when cold like today, takes up more wood than I can be bothered carting about regularly so I am keeping myself warm with the wood heater on at night which keeps the house thawed in the morning at least.  I still stay rugged up with plenty of thermal type gear.  I figure that it's good practice for being a poverty stricken home owner.  Mind, a home owner is only a possibility if people start questioning the logic behind paying half a million for a post war weather-board in some nicer suburbs!

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