Guilty until proven otherwise (edited)

There seems to an insidious movement in Australian, perhaps western society broadly, with the erosion of the basic tenant of strong democracy which is the presumption of innocence, or more commonly known as innocent until proven guilty.  Not only are feelings being weighed in the place of facts, they are now weighed greater.

Where feelings are the only information that decisions are based on there will always be long term negative consequences.  Then those that take responsibility and look at facts, listen to intuition but find facts to support it, are left to pick up the pieces from people who unnecessarily place themselves and others in danger.

Watch this space.  There will endless stories soon as the property bubble unravels (check out and website and Facebook posts) 

unsustainable retail growth bites( Topshop Australia just reportedly brought in administrators, there is a major retailer in trouble every month at least) 

from those who lost everything because they based financial decisions on how they felt not on research and due diligence.  Yes, businesses do go bankrupt, as do people due to circumstances beyond their control.  However, personal and business bankruptcies can also be due to a gross lack of responsibility and ignoring the facts staring people in their face.  It is quite startling how many operate businesses and base it on debt to keep them going and the hope of better days with no facts to back them up.

We now prosecute prejudicially in the community because of feelings.  We do not feel good, or we feel bad based on one side of a story.  We the ignorant feel, we the ignorant will lose everything and then you can hardly expect those you found guilty in the court of public opinion to give a damn about you.

Edit: I do think the right response is to help those in need, with the basics covered, who are willing to contribute and learn from their mistakes.  If grossly unethical financial behaviour has caused harm to others then the justice system is there to deal fairly on a case by case basis.

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