Depression era pumpkin mash

I actually do not know that anyone made this during The Great Depression but I do know that these are the ideas born of either determined frugality, or forced food stretching.  The only bit of the pumpkin I threw out was the stem.  With a compost bowl and lid started so I can throw things there in the dark, I will waste nothing.

I cut my free pumpkin, that my Mum cultivated in her garden, in to pieces.  It was a little grey pumpkin full of flavour.  Added olive oil, rosemary picked fresh out the back door, salt and pepper and roasted.
After the pumpkin cooled I placed the pieces in a container in the fridge to deal with later.

Later came and I wondered whether I could get away with mashing up the now very tender skin in the mash.  Mrs. Frugal herself was not sure but I decided to follow Mum's play and see how far I could stretch my pumpkin.  I mashed up all the roasted pumpkin and skin together with a little more seasoning, a couple of tablespoons of gluten free flour, splash of gluten free soy sauce, splash of lactose free milk and half a teaspoon of paprika along with roasted rosemary and garlic clove.  Then I spread it out neatly and tasted it.  Ooooh, it tastes surprisingly good.  If you had children or fussy types I would either add in spring onion if on hand and then the pieces of skin look like onion or whizz the pumpkin and skin in a blender.

Then, while I was writing a quick email reply, I ate the roasted pumpkin seeds.  Yum!  Weird but frugal and yummy!

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