Budgeting like a boss

Went through my grocery stock last night and cleaned up.  Set myself the challenge of using some older bits and bobs so I do not waste money.  Think of it as frugal version of a mystery cube challenge that millions of viewers like to watch on a popular cookery show.  I had a quarter cup of glutenious rice flour, half cup of popcorn kernels and white rice to use up.  There were vegetables that were looking sad but they were made into soup which was eaten and frozen.

For breakfast today I had mud a.k.a instant coffee because sometimes I just feel like boiling a kettle and drinking something like coffee.  Last night's soup, white rice and a drop of chilli sauce all cooked together made up my breakfast.  Popcorn kernels for lunch with a pot of earl grey tea.  For afternoon tea I had my pantry leftover chocolate and coffee fudge bites (mix peanut butter, cocoa, instant coffee, little water, sugar together and heat.  Add more cocoa powder until thick and make into rum balls.  Question your sanity but be grateful the next day when they fill up you up with a few.  Store in freezer.).

Dinner is oven cooked chips from last fortnights lot of potatoes with a oven baked omelette made with onion, corn kernels, herbs from the garden, the glutenious rice flour, an egg and my home made cheese.  Budgeting like a boss.

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