Bittersweet home sweet home

It has taken over six years of asking and I finally have pictures on my bedroom walls.  In retrospect I should have just put them up myself but I do not like to make changes to a house that is not mine.

Today, I also added some everlasting leeks to my container garden and in my parent's vegetable patch.  I really should grow potatoes next and then I have the ingredients for a very frugal soup!

I found, and organised a viewing of, a house I hope will be affordable given its age, condition and the headlines of more bankruptcies along with tightening lending.

Just made oven chips and set up some yogurt in my yogurt thermos for tomorrow.  I decided to get back to making it after resetting and lowering my proposed grocery amount.  This week I received delivered groceries that contained rotten fruit.  I rang the customer service line and they offered store credit which I initially accepted.  On fast reflection I decided I wanted the money in my account for replacing the fruit at the local corner store.  I was happy when they did the right thing and told me it would take three days to clear which is no problem for me.

Lastly, I am being optimistic and researching low cost home improvement.  I guess with a family member sick who I would normally ask for help and more advice looking to buy a house is bittersweet.

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