Advanced avoidance of super-makets: Make low lactose cheese and milk on the cheap

For those times when you want to use up what you have and avoid shopping as much as it reasonably practicable:

This is the better recipe in my opinion:

I followed the above methods, more or less, and added salt at the end when blending to taste.  I also added a dessert spoon of plain yogurt towards the end of the curd making and only brought my mix to the boil (no hotter).  It actually looks and tastes quite alright.  I added a crushed lactase enzyme tablet to my cheese making mix to make it low lactose.  Lactase enzyme drops would be better but there were none available when I went to the pharmacy. Lactese enzyme drops are probably easier to buy online.  

Mine is now blended, out of cloth and drip dried, shaped and wrapped in grease proof paper in the fridge ready for eating.  I think it would be amazing with baked beetroot, garlic and olive oil for a dip but I am out of most of those ingredients at the moment.  It would also be good with herbs from the garden which I do have.  I also have sweet chilli sauce in the fridge I can add.

I experimented and made up a half litre of milk with milk powder, water and lactase crushed tablet all mixed together with a splash of lactose free commercial fresh milk.  It seems to make a reasonable substitute to commercial fresh lactose free milk.  Then again, I am probably less sensitive than I used to be.  Drinking this cheap milk in my coffee.

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