To the invisible beach hut! (frugality with house ownership in mind)

One of these days I might just get my beach house.  I am least going to try without driving myself too mad.

Things I have done recently:
1) My jeans are about to spring a leak due to their cheaper quality denim and my insistence to live in them.  After trying all but one op shop in my local area for jeans that fit I almost gave up.  I actually found that my muscular calves were an issue quite a few times when trying on jeans.  I am used to my less than svelte stomach and average sized hips being a problem but not my calves.  Do other women not exercise at all?!  It's not like I am working out much considering my health these days.  Anyway, on the last op-shop I found two jeans I fit in and a pair of slacks that will do as a jean substitute.  All good quality and all around $5 each.  I did buy a pair that need sexier footwear, I will keep an eye out for something but we are hitting moccasin weather, so boots or boots is the likely outcome. 
2) Half living on a vat of pumpkin soup the last few days.  I just made some more because it is easy, tasty and filling and perfect when the weather is cold.  For someone who does not normally eat much soup, or indeed eat it with much enthusiasm, I seem to be eating it lot.
3) Just made a loaf of bread ready for when I am sick of soup (mainly oats).  Cost is low and it's easy no knead bread.
3) Had a mild spring clean of sorts.  Fixed up some paper work which I will finish in the next week or two and like get some health fund money back.
4) Walking which is a cheap way to exercise, talk to friendly neighbours and generally stay sane.
5) Bought an ex rental smash 'em up movie as I like to call them.  Also known as an action flick.  It's one in the SWAT series of movies and I will watch it again.  Buying was a risk but I like to watch action movies fairly regularly if they are well made so this is an occasional indulgence I am fine with.  First movie from the video library in months and cost less than $4.
6) Watching an action flick gave me a boost to do a few free weight exercises while I watched.  Cost nothing much and I enjoyed it (did not over do it).
7) Set Did most of my shopping online which helps me keep spending at an even keel and it's good for my sanity because I generally find supermarket shopping grump inducing.
8) Placed fresh flowers from the garden on the dining table and gave the area a refresh which cost nothing but cheers me up.
9) Made animal treats from a recipe I found online by an international animal specialist - good gift for people with animals and does not take much time at all:
10) Keeping warm with slippers, polar fleece, blankets, hot water bottle and a wood fire!

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