Status Update : off Yaz (and Levlen ED)

As I type I am drinking my second coffee of the day.  The first was laced with a little butter and I have lost weight so it certainly has not hurt.  In fact today I would have to say I am leaking water weight.  I'm spending so much time in loo I better go and give it a good clean it's a day, or so, overdue for.  I have gone

It is unlikely, from what I have read and based on my morning temperature, to have much thyroid medication, if any, in my system now.  My body feels like it's beginning to get back to producing hormones properly with the birth control out of my system by now.  I have unfortunately experienced unpleasant symptoms as my body adjusts such as a very low mood for the first five or so days ( I had to tell myself that feelings are not always worth paying attention to), intense headaches for a few days, very bad back pain, itchy skin all over (came and went quite quickly) and now I am primarily battling nausea.  So far today I have not thrown up and I consider that a success but I am leaking! I have gone from looking six months pregnant to four to five.  It is an improvement and I will take it!

In order to keep the nausea today away I ate a tiny portion of plain porridge at four am.  Tea drinking actually seemed to make it worse.  Coffee is a vast improvement and I do not know why.  I am making sure I eat a little more fat than normal to help my body naturally regulate its hormones.

So, that was the bad.  The good is that the itchy skin can be a sign of histamine activity which relates to oestrogen production.  I found as the itching subsided I was feeling much friendlier towards the opposite sex for more than their handyman skills (or whatever floats your boat!).   My general mood is much calmer too and I am happier!  Much happier!  Actually, before the pill at this time of the month I would be feeling friendly but also feeling like kicking anyone that was remotely friendly towards me.  I had a natural contraceptive in PMT.  So far my PMT is almost non-existent and I think the iodine and co-factors has made a massive difference.  A few minutes of breast and head pain. Unfortunately, the nausea may actually be a PMT symptom and may continue which will be a bit of a pain but preferable to my symptoms before the pill.

To help my body adjust I found Zinc Fix by Ethical Nutrients really helped my body adjust.  Make sure you take a zinc supplement with food and talk to your pharmacist as to whether this product is safe to use.  It can be risky to take zinc for prolonged periods of time.  Taking a quality daily multivitamin is probably the best bet for most people as it contains other co-factors.  A multi-vitamin that includes selenium, copper, zinc and iodine is probably the best way to replenish the body from what I have read.  Some people recommend a prenatal multi-vitamin as they are designed to get the body ready for babies and will help the body adjust.  I am also making sure I add in a little more fat, particularly in the morning when I wake, to encourage my body to get back into the business of producing its own hormones hopefully minus nausea and losing ones breakfast in ones loo!

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