Reading picks - coffee, energy saving, real estate etc

I'm about to make a second hot cup of coffee and psych myself up to make some thing for afternoon tea in a minute.  When you have a moment, here's some reading on all kinds of things from around the web.

Good grief.  Give me coffee and tea over this sugar laden drink:

People designing homes with keeping bills low.  I'm not sure it's a trend so much as sensible.  Clearly you have to be able to manage it in a budget but it is possible to save up and add things on to houses.  Orientating housing to the sun, insulation, thick curtains and a quality heater are affordable for most and a good place to start.

Read about low bills for energy here:

How to make lactose free cheese out of lactose free milk, yogurt and a couple of other things.  This looks worth a try sometime:

The Australian federal government is looking to invest in infrastructure to get the country through and expected residential building and residential sales down turn according to this article:

I do think investing in infrastructure is a smart way to boost the economy.  It is sustainable and actually produces something concrete along with skilled jobs and better, safer communities if the money is intelligently allocated.  

Real estate writer explains why advertisements are so awful:

I do agree with this article that a walk during the day is key to energy, particularly for people working in office environments.  I will not skip the coffee and often walked to get a coffee.  Coffee does have anti-depressant properties which can come in handy at some work places!

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