Not in the mood to shop

I just can not get excited about shopping today so instead I put my head together and made another vegetable pie.  Last night I made a Woolton pie with sliced potatoes on top instead of pastry or mashed potatoes.  It made a tasty dinner and breakfast.  Today, for some vegetable comfort I made a pie filling with cooked rice, peas, carrots (defrosted, sliced and cooked - no wasted accidentally frozen carrots here) and added leftover chicken gravy I froze, little bit of yeast extract spread, greens from the garden I am growing and picking and herbs, salt and pepper.  I made a frugal gluten free pastry.

Instead of buying meat I have beans soaking for something comforting and vegetable focused tomorrow.  It's definitely worth soaking beans so they cook.  I much prefer a bit of faffing with dry beans than baked beans that taste too sweet to me!

Looking for some frugal recipes, with loads of vegetables, and high in nutrients? about a nutritionist living on rations from WW2 with the occasional treat is worth a look.

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