My body says no way

Recently, I have been enjoying more activity including walking and bike riding on a stationary bike.  Due to relatively minor chronic fatigue side effects with the odd short lived major side effect the indulgence in exercise has been primarily enjoyable which is a rare thing for a CFS affected person to say. 

Quite kindly my body has been warning me that if I continue with such enthusiasm it will ramp up its response.  Forgive me for being human but the side effects were overall tolerable so I kept at it.  They were tolerable until yesterday.  Today, the intolerable side effects kicked in faster and harder than yesterday so it is back to more resting and a gentler approach to exercise.

Unfortunately, exercise intolerance is a symptom of classic chronic fatigue. 

Things to do that help me with exercise intolerance:
  • rest
  • gentle pace of exercise and limit my daily walking to twenty minutes a day on average for a while
  • eat nutrient dense food with the odd treat
  • plenty of coffee (I find it helps with muscle aches associated with exercise intolerance but everyone is different)
  • take a bit more rest between pottering around the house
  • the odd bit of glucose seems to help me recover from these periods of intense exercise intolerance (again, everyone is different)

I was hoping that I was improving but it looks like I had some good days, and some rest days coming up as a result.  I will just have to take it one day at a time.

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